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Recently I visited my grandparents in Los Angeles, California. One of the highlights of the trip was touring Universal Studios.

Recently I visited my grandparents in Los Angeles, California. One of the highlights of the trip was touring Universal Studios. Universal Studios is a theme park and at the same time movies were and are being filmed there.


So many movies have been filmed there, and yet, there are more to come. King Kong, Big Fat Liar, Nacho Libre, Kicking and Screaming, Princess Diaries 2 and How the Grinch Stole Christmas are all movies that were filmed at Universal Studios. In some movies they used the same set, but made in look different, like in Big Fat Liar and Nacho Libre. Things aren't always what they seem. In the town of Whoville, from the movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the buildings are made of foam.


TV shows have also been filmed at Universal Studios. Our tour guide took us down Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives. Street scenes from The Ghost Whisperer are also filmed at Universal Studios. In Desperate Housewives the houses are real, but in The Ghost Whisperer the buildings are fake. They design the front to look like a real building and when you look on the other side, the beautiful or run down building is nothing but a wall. The fake buildings are called facades.


The tram ride (tour) is a must do if you ever take a trip to Universal Studios. My family and I saw so many sets and stages. The stages aren't numbered in order because if a movie doesn't do very well Universal Studios changes the number of the stage where filming took place. The tour guide said they are very superstitious and there is no stage #13.


One of my favorite parts of the tour was when we went into a tunnel and King Kong shook the tram. The tour guide was always making jokes, and some were actually funny. We only saw one movie star, the Invisible Man. (That was one of his jokes.)


I also saw the show/ride of Shrek 4-D. At the door we got green 3-D glasses. Before the show started there was a short version of the first Shrek film so if you haven't seen a Shrek movie you would know what was going on. During the show, when Shrek and Donkey were riding in the Onion, the seats moved up and down like you were riding too. The characters also sneezed on you (we got squirted with water). I've never been to a show quite like this one. Shrek 4-D isn't the only show. Backdraft and Animal Actors are the two other shows we saw. Backdraft is a movie about firefighters and the show explains how they made it. Animal Actors has animals from movies performing tricks on stage. There are other shows as well.


Universal Studios isn't all shows and tours. There are rides too. One ride, the Mummy, is a fast-moving rollercoaster. The other ride, Jurassic Park, is a water ride. We didn't go on these rides, but I think they would have been great.


Shopping at the Universal City Walk is quite a treat. It is a great end to a fun day at Universal Studios. The Universal City Walk has many stores, from candy to socks. There is a wide variety of merchandise. In toy stores they even sold Webkinz! I wish I could go back and shop there.


Universal Studios was a great adventure for me and my family. I hope you get to enjoy it too. For more information go to www.UniversalStudiosHollywood.com.


  1. This was a great story!
    This was a great story! I have been to Universal Studios before and I had lots of fun. Your vivid description made me feel like I was actually there! Nice job!

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