Columbine Basketball – Making a comeback


Jessica Cardall writes, Have you read about Columbine High School’s baseball team?

Have you read about Columbine High School’s baseball team? Have you read about CHS’s football team? What about Columbine’s basketball team? Baseball and football are two popular sports at Columbine High School. Basketball is not so popular, so the school got all new coaches for basketball this year to make it better. After last Friday’s game, I had an exclusive interview with Edward Corridori, head coach of the Columbine boys’ basketball freshman (level III) team. Here’s a little bit about him. Coach Corridori played basketball in both high school and at the Air Force Academy, where he attended college. This is his second year coaching (first at Columbine), but he has refereed basketball for 15 years. Since the freshmen practice from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, he also works a second job during the day at Lockheed Martin. He has four young kids, they don’t play basketball yet, but I’m sure they’ll be playing soon. And now, a few words about the CHS freshman basketball team. For Coach Corridori, the worst part about his job is “seeing the disappointment on the kids’ faces when they lose.” The best part is “interacting with the kids.” One change he has made to the team since he started is to put “a sense of priority on defense.” When asked if he believes the team has improved since the beginning of the season, Coach Corridori replied, “absolutely”. He gives the following advice to kids who want to play basketball in high school, “stick to the fundamentals.” In my opinion, freshman basketball games are just as exciting as varsity games. Plus, they are less crowded and the games are free. I encourage you to go to a CHS freshman basketball game before the season ends on February 22. Coach Corridori answers the last question with dignity. Do you think Columbine basketball will ever be as popular as football or baseball? “I hope so, that’s what we’re striving for.”


  1. I saw the Columbine vs.
    I saw the Columbine vs. Dakota Ridge girls game at Dakota. Dakota blew out Columbine in the Level III and Varsity games but ther ebels beat the eagles for the JV team. At Dakota, if you get there at the Level III game, you don’t have to pay for JV and Varsity. If you want a snack, just get your hand stamped for free and go back and enjoy the game. Also, Dakota has meal deals from restaraunts. They donat like a dish, piece of bread, and soda or something like that for just $5. GO DAKOTA RIDGE EAGLES!

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