Super Scary


Rachel Faulkner writes, Super Bowl Sunday started out a regular day.

Super Bowl Sunday started out a regular day. What I didn’t know is that it would be the beginning of the worst week of my life, which happened to be last week. It was on this day that my headaches started. I simply took an Ibuprofen headache stopper and went to bed. But they headaches continued, over, and over. By Thursday, I could barely move and on Friday, I couldn’t go to school. The doctor told me that I had to get an MRI at the hospital – a gigantic machine that took pictures of my brain. It was horrifying. Turns out, I had the worst sinus infection in the history of Northern Colorado Medical Center. For two days, my eye was swollen shut. Therefore, I put together this little symptoms list to warn you of a sinus infection before you, too, have to take a trip to the hospital.1. Terrible throbbing in one part of your head.2. A fever3. A single dripping eye.If any of these symptoms occur, tell a parent or guardian, and get medical help soon from a reliable doctor. I don’t like the feeling of anyone going through the fear that I had to go through if you have something as simple as a sinus infection. It was horrible!


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