Danielle Turner writes, R O A D Typing is a great ability that all people should know.

R O A D Typing is a great ability that all people should know. Adults, whom are reading this, how many words can you type per minute? That’s good, but wouldn’t you like your kids to learn, and type more words than you. Great! Well, Southeast Elementary school has a perfect way of teaching kids how to type and have fun at the same time. They get to pass through levels and race against the clock in their typing. Every level starts out with a toutoral, and then, it’s on! Also, there are fun games that still involve typing, and learning. Some of the subjects are geography, writing, science, and social studies. They can also use astronamy, with typing. Your child will have fun typing and learning with every game, level, toutoral, and skill. It’s a great way to start your kids off with typing, and easy for your child and you.Do you know what this amazing game is? Have you heard of it before? Well if your child goes to Southeast Elementary, you probably have. Check with your kids and see if they’ve played or used this amazing game before. So, do you want to use this for your kids? Great! This program is called….TYPE TO LEARN! Easy and fun, it’s a great way to get your kids started on typing. Guaranteed, your kids will enjoy it.Type to learn, is a Sunbase product and my possibly be used at your school. Try looking for it in stores or on the web.If you can’t fin any TTL things on the web, try other fun typing activity sites. Such as: Keyboarding Practice: which is: toutorals that teach you on the home keys, rows, and 1 through 17 different learning skills on typing.Computer Circus Typing: which is: a site that can allow you to take typing speed tests and test your speed, and it also allows you to practice typing with fun games and lessons.Mr. Kent’s Typing Toutor: which is: a site that has an online toutor telling you keys and teaching lessons on the rules of typing and how to type.Krazy Keyboarding for Kids: which is: a site for kids to learn typing, play games, have fun and learn all at the same time.As you can see, TTL (Type To Learn) and all these other sites all revolve around the same thing, having fun, teaching, and typing. Try getting your children involved with typing. Playing games online and learning, schools are encouraging that. So, try it. Most likely if they don’t like one, they’ll like a different one. But if they don’t enjoy it, don’t force them to do it. Yet, if they do, get them to do it on a daily basis, it’ll improve their skills. If your child is having problems, and getting discouraged, incourage them to keep practicing, they’ll get better and better each time. Go online today and check out websites to help your kids become more sucessful in the future. Southeast Elemtary sure is! Don’t you want to do the same?B – Y- E B- Y- E F- O- R N- O- W !


  1. This is a great story!
    This is a great story! My school, Littleton Academy, uses Mavis Beacon as our typing program. This does seem like a fun typing system, though! There were some spelling mistakes but otherwise, great job!

  2. My school used Type to Le…
    My school used Type to Learn as our program in elementary school, and now I type at 57 WPM. Good job, check your spelling.

  3. My school used to us ttl…
    My school used to us ttl, but then we got a different teacher. I got to a really high level, and ttl taught me how to type fast.

  4. Our school uses TTL…
    Our school uses TTL, and I think it’s an awesome program. The most I’ve typed in a minute is 89 wpm, but I’ve been typing for four years. I completely agree.

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