The Ultimate Target Challenge


Jarratt Townsend writes, The NerfUltimate Target Challenge by Hasbro.

The NerfUltimate Target Challenge by Hasbro. This toy is for 1-2 players, and is for ages 6 and up. My brother and I had a great time with this toy! When I first got it, we had so much snow here in Colorado there was no way to play with it outdoors. But that didn’t stop my older brother and I from playing with it- the disc launcher has 2 different settings for how high the disks will be launched into the air, there are 3 different challenge levels, and the disks can be launched at different angles by setting it before you play with it. It came with a wireless remote, and lets you control when the disks launch, and it’s really cool, there’s even an infared light on it for target practice at night. The N-Strike disk shot helps you build up your skills and train for the ultimate blaster mission. Pass the different levels and prove your skills, along with your targeting speed, distance and accuracy. My older brother is 15 and he and I love this game- we got some extra darts and challenge each other to see how good we can get and how close to the bullseye we can hit on each disk. I would recommend this game for boys and girls 6years old and up- and don’t forget to get your parents involved, they’ll get hooked on it, too!


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