The Sims 2


Davis Anderson writes, The Sims 2 (PSP):B- Kids always dream about doing wild and crazy things when they are adults.

The Sims 2 (PSP):B- Kids always dream about doing wild and crazy things when they are adults. They want to get a cool job, possibly get married and have kids, use their money to get the things they want, and more. The only problem is that they are only kids, and they can’t do those things they want. Plus, they face the trouble of using all their money, getting in debt, and other problems. The Sims 2, which stands for The Simulations, is a game where you can live one of those lives without having to worry about messing up. When you play the game, you create your characters and begin your journey! You can do so many things, and if you decide you want to try leading a different type of life, then erase, create, and live again! Although this game might teach some important lessons like not getting in debt and paying your bills, it can also show some inappropriate things. The Sims have a tendency to have their characters kiss and cuddle. However, the game offers other formsof love. Because of these features, the game was rated T (rated for Teens) and not e (rated for Everyone). A lot of people believe it should have been rated E10+ (which stands for Everyone that is over that age of 10). The reason it was not rated the relatively new rating, was because this game was created before. With adult help, you and your parent could choose how to play your game. You could avoid playing the odd parts of the game, and focus on the fun where you get to play with your friends, or go do something fun. You still may run into some problems, but it is mostly fun and games. The most annoying thing about The Sims 2 has been that it, and its expansion packs, were only made for the PC. That has changed tremendously! Not only is The Sims 2 only for the PC, it is now made for a lot of hand held gaming systems. The Sims 2 is now made for the Nintendo DS, the Sony PSP, the PC, and the Mac. Although the non-computer systems don’t quite introduce the same features in The Sims 2 on the computer. They do however offer some new things that the computers don’t. Another down side toThe Sims 2 (PSP) is that you have to take care of yourSim. If you starve them, give them a headache, or make them tired,or keep the everpowerfulSanity Bar too low, they will have serious consequences. This keeps you playing, but also makes you angry because sometimes you just want to play the game and do what you want to do, not have to worry about yourSim going insane! Good thing you can unlock Free Play mode, that allows you to play without having to worry about the distractions. The down side is, is if you can’t beat The Sims 2 (PSP) than you are out of luck! If The Sims 2 sound interesting to you, than go ahead and get it for one of your game systems. But please check with your parents or guardians about why it is rated T, and make sure that is okay that you play it.