Ender’s Game: A World Of Adventure


Davis Anderson writes, Book Rating: A- In the book Ender’s Game, Orson Scott Card sends you on an adventure with Ender Wiggin!

Book Rating: A- In the book Ender’s Game, Orson Scott Card sends you on an adventure with Ender Wiggin! His persuasive writing and captivating characters will have you turning the page again and again. This book stars the young boy named Ender Wiggin. Although he seems to be an okay little kid, and even though he is smarter than a high-schooler at the age of six, no one likes him. Why? Because Ender Wiggin, is a Third. In the world of Ender Wiggin, every set of parents only have two children. Ender has two older siblings. Peter is the oldest of the children, and the most manipulative. He knows exactly how to find fear in people, and exactly how to use it against them. Peter is Ender’s worst enemy. Peter talks non stop about how one day when no one is watching him, Peter would come to Ender, and instead of playing the war game, he would actually kill Ender on the spot. Peter’s main idea is to throw poor Ender out a window, and then tell everybody he was just too crazy and fell out. Valentine is right in the middle, being older then Ender and younger than Peter. She is the love of Ender even more so than his mother. Valentine is always there and always stopping Peter from completing his devilish schemes. Valentine is like Ender’s Guardian Angel, waiting silently until the day comes that she has to step up for Ender and get rid of Peter. Sadly for both of these two lovable characters, this day comes every day, about three times a day. In this book, Ender has this weird thing on the back of his neck. It was put on him at birth, and he was never fully sure what it was. This odd thing called the Monitor, was doing exactly what its title proposed, it monitored Ender for the first six years of his life. No one ever picked a fight with Ender even though he wasa Third. They all knew if they did anything bad to Ender, the next day they might find themselves alone in a jail cell with some rabid mice. As you and Ender learn as you get a little farther into the book, is that the Monitor is looking for someone with the potential to go to Battle School, and train to be a fighter in the Bugger War. The Bugger’s are the creatures that threaten the Earth’s existence. They are alien type things that look a lot like humans. They cannot talk however. They can communicate through thought, which makes them all the more hard to defeat in battle. When Ender gets the Monitor taken off, they tell him he will be attending Battle School. This is where the books gets exciting! Not only does Ender participate in simulation battles with other teams, he also learns how very much his family means to him, including Peter, even though he knew if he were to try and hug him he might be beaten to the floor. My favorite part of the book was the simulation battles. Once you had a few months of experience at the Battle School, they were put into teams. Each team had many different things like Toon Leaders, Toon Squads, and the all important Commander. Each team was named after an animal, and every week or so, two teams would fight to see who would win. The teams battle in a room controlled by a computer. They created solid but fake stars, little walls, and sometimes even black holes! Ender starts at the bottom of different groups. being traded around because no body even wanted him. But this just taught Ender more not to give up, and to show them up when he was a little older and had his own Team. Does Ender get his own team? Does he go to the war? Well, don’t ask me! Go read the magnificent book yourself!


  1. Nice review…
    Nice review, you did a great job! My friend read this book and he said it was fantastic! Like I said, great job!

  2. Great Job!
    Great Job! We’re reading this book in class and I agree, it’s fantastic. You did a really great job explaining the complex plot with out giving too much away. Kudos!

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