A story I started today (I know that’s not catchy)


Chapter One

Chapter One

I opened my eyes. I'm not in my bedroom. I'm in a large bedroom with pink fluffy carpet, lavender curtains and basically everything else in pastel pink, magenta or lavender. I climbed out of bed. I'm wearing purple satin pajamas; you know the kind with the capri pants and tank top; with small white hearts all over them. But I hate pink and purple and all that. I sleep in my brother's old boxer shorts and any shirt I can find.


I finger my hair and stare at it. Waist length dark brown hair? But my hair is white blonde and cut at the bottoms of my ears. And my fingernails! They're painted a pinkish red, with little white birds painted on them. My arms are bare. Where are my collections of those bracelets that are like Live Strong bracelets? I had ten on each wrist! And my ankles! I stare at them. Two friendship bracelets are tied on the right one;another friendship bracelet and a braided bracelet are tied on the left one. Where did those come from?


And my feet! They're scabbed on the bottom, like I wander around barefoot a lot. But I never go barefoot. I always wear shoes and socks!And my toenails are painted midnight blue with pink roses on them instead of chipped lime green. I wander over to a mirror. I have a little upturned nose! And big, huge goldish brown eyes. And my lips aren't chapped. I walk over to the closet and gently pry it open. Clothes in every color explode at me. Skirts and dresses and flowery tops and…


Where are my jeans and my baggy shirts that say my school name or 'Chipotle' or whatever? Where are my soccer shorts and my boyish tank tops and all my boxer shorts from my brother?I turn around in circles. I feel like I'm going to cry. My heart is throbbing in my chest; hitting me so hard I want to curl up on the floor and sob. All my emotions build up and I scream, bursting into tears. I hear footsteps rushing up steps and then socks hitting carpet."Who's there?" I scream hysterically. "Where am I? Help!"


A woman with shoulder length brown hair and a bald man rush into the room. The woman is wearing slippers and a yellow bathrobe and the man is wearing socks, a pair of blue plaid pajama pants and no shirt. They aren't my parents, and even if my parents were here they wouldn't care. My dad would be driving his school bus and my mom would be smoking and nursing my baby sister. No one, except maybe my brother Matt, would come to see why I was so upset. Everyone is too wrapped up in his or her own little world.


"Lissa?"the woman reaches out for me but doesn't touch me. "What's wrong, Lissa?"


"What the…who the…" I trail off. "I am not Lissa! My name is Sydney, not Lissa! Where am I?"


"Okay, okay, okay," the man puts his arm around my shoulders and guides me over to a magenta bean bag chair with stuffed animals sitting neatly behind it. "Sit down."I sit down, breathing heavily, and stare at the stuffed animals. They are puppies and kitties and pink elephants. You know, the cute kind of stuffed animal. All my stuffed animals at home are the funky ones, like the stuffed germs.


"Tell me your full name." The lady says.


"You first." I say, crossing my arms.


"I'm Amy Waters," the lady said. "This is my husband Kevin Waters. You look like our daughter, Lissa."


"My name is Sydney Kass," I said. "Um, my parents are Joseph and Christina Kass. I have a fifteen-year-old sister named Amber, a sixteen-year-old brother named Matthew and a seven-month year old sister named Natalie. My dad drives a bus and my mom works at Macy's. We live in Maine. That's all I can think of."


"You're not even in Maine," Kevin said. "You are really our daughter, Lissa Waters. She…she sort of turned into you. She does that every week or so."To be continued…


  1. Sounds good.
    Sounds good. You left us at a cliff hanger to make readers want to hear more. I liked all your description.

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