Murder in Room 334 Continued (sorry)


Brianna Jill Neumann writes, Hey, people, sorry this took so long.

Hey, people, sorry this took so long. I sort of forgot about it.”So, what exactly do you plan to do with me?” Annabelle said.”We want you to stay here,” Jake said. “There’s no reason why you should go like everyone else. We’ve really come to like you.””That’s great,” Annabelle said. “But I have to go home. I refuse to stay here.””Maybe we couldkill her.” Jenny said.Annabelle sighed. Which did she want to be; living and stuck in a hotel room with three ghosts, or a ghost?”If you kill me, can I turn into a ghost and leave?” she said.”Hmmmmm,” Jake said. “Good question.””I want her to stay.” Jenny said.”Jenny,” Meredith said. “Even if we did kill her and tie her up, she could escape. It’s our choice.””I go with kill,” Jake floated over to the kitchen and got a bread knife. “I think it’s more than humane that making her live here with no food.””We can get food,” Jenny said. “Remember when you scared the cook that one time to get some food, but we couldn’t eat it so we threw it out?””Well, if anyone’s going to kill me, it should be me.” Annabelle said, reaching for the knife. Jake handed it to her. She cut herself out and leaped up. She threw the knife at them and dashed out the door. She ran and ran (and took an elevator) until she was in the lobby, where the ghosts would never go because people would see them, which they didn’t really like.She slammed her fist down about twenty times on the bell at the registration desk and stood there until the man that had signed her in appeared.”Hi,” she said. “I believe you. They tried to kill me, and they cut up my stuff.””Told you,” he said. “What should we do?””We have to chase them out, get my stuff back and board up the room.” Annabelle said.He nodded and picked up his key card that unlocks all the rooms.They walked upstairs and quietly unlocked the door, watching the ghosts.”Stupid!” Meredith was hitting Jake on the head with the knife. “You should’ve known she would find some way to get out if you give her a knife.””That doesn’t hurt.” Jake said.The hotel guy pulled the door shut.”How do we get rid of ghosts?” he whispered. “They can’t be put under nets or put in cages…””A vacuum cleaner!” Annabelle said.”Right.” they tiptoed over to the janitors closet and unlocked it. He yanked out a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle and walked over to the door of room 334.”Ready,” Annabelle inserted the card in the door. “Set,” she quietly pushed it open. All of the ghosts were in the kitchen and didn’t hear. “Go!” she whispered.They walked into the room. The hotel guy held up the vacuum cleaner and turned it on just as the ghosts noticed they weren’t alone.Slurp.”Annabelle!” Jake yelled.Jenny screamed.The hotel guy ran over to the fridge and blasted the ghosts into the freezer. He slammed the door and he and Annabelle leaned against the wall.Ten minutes later…Annabelle Lewis left the small room, feeling angry at the hotel for not alerting her that the room was haunted. Three ghosts had lived in the room.And now they’re ice cubes.


  1. I liked the ending a lot;…
    I liked the ending a lot; it was very funny! Will there be a sequel to this one?

  2. Finally.
    Finally…But it was GOOD!!! I could imagine YOU being Annabelle. You are sort of like her.

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