Denver Art Museum gets Impressionistic Exhibition


Rachel Faulkner writes, The Denver Art Museum Hamilton Building…

The Denver Art Museum Hamilton Building, with it’s world renowned architectural design, has just received a fantastic and mesmerizing new Impressionistic exhibition. My family and maybe fifty others had the extreme honor of participating in a tour led by the jovial Gates Foundation Curator of Painting and Sculpture and art expert Timothy Standring. “Isn’t it wonderful?” Mr. Standring asks the group at large. The exhibit itself was fascinating.Mr. Standring told me that there are about a hundred pieces of art from seventy different institutions worldwide. There are collections from famous artists such as Monet, Cassat, Renoir, Raphael, Cezenne, and Manet, and others from other artists of the Impressionist period. All of the paintings and sketches are based on a corresponding color painted on the wall behind it. “The colors enforce [the paintings],” says Mr. Standring. My personal favorite was the painting “A Young Girl Writing” by Jean-Honore Flagonard, shown above. Many of the paintings include a free audio to explain the painting, which caters to both adults and children. I noticed in every painting rich colors and fine detail. According to Mr. Standring, the exhibition displays Renoir’s only winter landscape, which drew my attention. There were mainly oil on canvas paintings, but there were a few sketches hanging on the walls, which, in my opinion, added to the whole exhibit beautifully. The art ranges from fruity still life pictures to regal portraits, to merry landscapes. The exhibit runs until May 25th of this year, and I highly recommend it to art lovers. Mr. Standring himself seemed brilliant when it came to art. He told funny stories along the way; for example, he sent an Colorado Avalanche jersey to the Canadian National Gallery chief curator. He was very knowledgeable when it came to art, and often says, “Isn’t that neat?” when referring to some of the collections. He told us that nobody has ever put together such a collection before this exhibition, which is showing in three venues, one of which is at our very own Hamilton building, shown above. He hints that a bigger exhibit is coming to Denver in the future, though he refuses to comment on anything else about this future exhibition. He made us all swear to tell at least fifteen people about this exhibit, which I hope I am fulfilling currently. “He’s unique,” said one person as he left the exhibit, to which I couldn’t agree more.


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