“project pedal kids making a difference”


Jordan Walker-Cardos writes, At Overland Trail Middle School in Brighton…

At Overland Trail Middle School in Brighton, Colorado a group of students are trying to make a difference in their community. The group is called Project Pedal O.T.M.S 2008. They are trying to make things better in their community by accepting donations of bikes and helmets to give to the families of Brighton. Andrea Blacker, the executive assistant of Project Pedal, says, ” we try to do something good while learning something about it too.” The group fixes bikes that come in and sends them to places in their community, they organize fundraisers and learn how to run a business. They had to interview for their jobs and learn what it was like to start a business, Mr. Myers the teacher of the class says that you wouldn’t be learning anything if he put a worksheet in front of you and you turned it back in, you have to get out and do something. The students belive so also, they seem to be having fun with the program and are expecting to do a lot the rest of the school year. “we are planning to go to Elementary schools and hold a Bike Rodeo to teach the kids of the Schools about bike safety” said a member of the group. I am a part of the program and I think that it is a great way for students to get active in their community. So if you would like to contact the group to donate bikes or helmets or to know how you could help contact the group at otmsprojectpedal@gmail.com, or Mr.Myers at Smyers@sd27j.org. Project Pedal accepts donations of bikes, helmets, and tools.


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