Author Dom Testa Promotes Child Literacy


Chase Hoven writes, As the 21st century is under way…

As the 21st century is under way, there have been many improvements in the way we live, eat, drink and become entertained. For instance, the iPod nano has been a big hit along with the Blackberry and Bluetooth. We have new Plasma HD T.V.s while DVDs and Blue Ray Discs have changed the way we watch movies and our favorite shows. But another major improvement is being made also. It has nothing to do with the computer and T.V.- actually, it is quite the opposite. The major improvement is a challenging one – encouraging reading and writing among children. This challenge has been unique – literally! With all the commercials advertising ‘Read with your child 15 minutes a day’ and ‘Pick up a book and read’ you would think that people would be getting the hang of it. One of the people who has been promoting child literacy is local author Dom Testa. Often referred to because of his Galahad series, Dom Testa lives in Colorado! He travels around Denver and the Metro Area to promote his book series and writing. He is also known from Mix 100’s ‘The Dom and Jane Show’ which is on the radio in the morning Monday through Friday. In a recent visit to my school, Dom Testa gave FANTASTIC tips on writing. He gave us ideas for writing stories and had us do fun activities that encouraged us to go home and write. He was truly an inspiration! He also talked about his book series and how he got his ideas for the books. At the end of his workshop, he kindly signed by Galahad books with a smile. Dom Testa also has a website called Big Brain Club if you want to visit it. Every month he gives tips on writing and has a topic for a story. Visit his website at I really enjoyed having such a exciting, funny and phenomenal author visit my school.


  1. Sorry this story took so long.
    Sorry this story took so long. I haven’t had a lot of time to write ever since Christmas break. Anyway, hope you like the story!

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