Young AmeriTowne


Orion Pilger writes, Young AmeriTowne was GREAT!

Young AmeriTowne was GREAT!!! It was a place you should go! At school, before “The Day” (Young AmeriTowne) we did interviews for jobs and campaigns for Mayor or Judge. I thought I would end up getting the Television Station (because I am good at acting) but ended up getting the job of…..drumroll please….the Mayor!!!When I first walked into Young AmeriTowne, located on 3550 East First Avenue Denver, Colorado, I was astounded at the Town. We had stepped inside a very mini-town and transformed into Young AmeriTowne citizens. I was surprised to see how AmeriTowne actually looked…because I had pictured it differently. But that wasn’t even the best of it! At the start, the Towne Hall (the group I was in, as Mayor) was sworn in with Oaths into our positions. Then, as Mayor, I gave my ribbon-cutting speech and cut the ribbon. We started to run Young AmeriTowne! Everyone got to work on making posters, creating websites, filling out checks for the workers, and making name tags. Each person got a break before lunch, during lunch, and after lunch. Otherwise, they were working. At the end of the day, we donated to charities and paid our bank loans. Next, I gave my closing speech. We all wrapped up by gathering our stuff and taking it with us to the bus. I can’t wait to go back! It was so fun!!!You should really look into doing this at your school!


  1. Great story.
    Great story….. I went there last year, and I was mayor too! I had a blast, everyone asked me wat was it like using big scissors… 😛 in the campaign i was competing against my now best guy friend… some people call him my boyfriend,,,,,, but that was fun. but i just loved yat it was soooooooo fun!!!

  2. Wow!
    Wow!That was a great review! I’ve been to Ameritowne, and that was exactly what we did!Great story!

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