Danielle Turner writes, CSAP, Colorado State Assesment Performance test, is what it stands for.

CSAP, Colorado State Assesment Performance test, is what it stands for. But yet, the real question is “What is it?” Yes, yes, I know you all are asking that question. It may or may not be important, but wouldn’t you like to know. Alright, well, how about we find some answers to our questions. Come on……. CSAP I’m here, at Southeast Elementary, where I actually have taken CSAP, so how about we find the answer within the school. First, in the hallway, next to the gym, where we kids get out physical education, there are seven banners, givin to us from CSAP. What are they? Well, Southeast Elementary school, has scored high, or advanced, for seven years in a row. If the students in the school, score high again, then we’ll have scored advanced for eight years. Second, the children may not like it, but we have CSAP for a purpose. Mainly, it helps teach the kids the standards that they need to know, to suceed to the next grade, and it gives our school oppertunity to show how smart we are and how smart we aren’t. You may think that this test sounds useless, since the kids whom take it are not graded, but it really is helpful to the school, and children. Because within themselves is their real score and if we give them a chance to bring it out, that is what will happen. Third, Southeast is very proud of their teachers and working community. The parents support their children, and put them into special programs that our school has. Southeast has special programs like Great Books, after school Enrichment, and Specials, which are gym, art, music, and library, and computers. Music is very affective in our leartning. Why? Well, maybe, your child doesn’t have to be an actor, singer, or dancer, but the point of gym and music, is to learn to work together. Sportsmanship is a big part of life and with the right demonstraition, children can achieve better, than just good! Computers, teaches technical skills and pateince. Patience is very improtant because without it, there would be no cooperation. Art, teaches notablility. We learn how to notice differences and comparisons in all things, not just art! Fourth, we stand up for the spartans. Southeast has created, Spartan RULE. RULE stands for: R is respect. U is use safe behaivior. L is lead positively. E is excellent effort. We also use PBS, and earn things. PBS stands for: P is positive B is behavior and S is support. Southeast supports behavior that is great, and with all the things that Southeast is doing, our CSAP scores have been higher each testing period, and we tend to keep them that way! GO SPARTANS! GO SOUTHEAST SPARTANS!


  1. i would like to argue wit…
    i would like to argue with the go southeast spartans. you shoiuld’ve put Powderhorn Elementary panthers instead. just kidding! i hate csap, but now i no the importance of it. good job. the only thing better could’ve been a pic!

  2. Finally!
    Finally! You and I think highly of CSAP. Most kids in my school aren’t very fond of CSAP, but I guess it’s for a good cause. Can you find a picture of a CSAP test? That would add a lot!

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