Meet The Queens of The World!


Chase Hoven writes, Here come the queens of the Hoven household! They prowl side by side as they saunter down the stairs.

Here come the queens of the Hoven household! They prowl side by side as they saunter down the stairs. Their tails high and their fur groomed; They are a wonderful sight! Oh, wait! Their is a fight on the stairs! Pumpkin is on top and Patch fights back aggressively. They roll around, their fur ruffled; you cannot even spot the queens in this crusade! Oh, hold on a second…….. Breaking News! The queens from Hoven Castle have stopped fighting! They both run their own different directions, Pumpkin to the kitchen and Patch to the office. Well, that has been Saturday Morning Wrestling. I’m Chase Hoven; Hope to see you in 38 minutes and 45 seconds exactly for our next match! Even though my cats don’t live in castle and are the queens, (Which sometimes, my cats do believe they are) These rascals can be a handful! Though both are a different age, sometimes they act like sisters and other times can be arch-rivals. However they feel or whatever they do, I always love my cats. Pumpkin was our first cat we got. We got her on August 14th, 2004. Her birthday is May 15th, 2004 and when we got her she was the cutest little cat ever! She had big ears and a small face but lots of energy. Well, time has past and as Pumpkin approaches her 4th birthday, she loves to sleep in the sun. At night, she lays by the fireplace and becomes a warm bundle of love. She also loves to pick on her foster sister Patch and loves to wrestle. She can become an active cat but prefers to sleep all day. She is always a joy to be around and I love her with all my heart. Patch is a completely different story. We got her in July of 2006 at the Rocky Mountain Table Center of Golden. At first she was shy but as she got use to Pumpkin, they became best friends. In only a few weeks, she will be 2 years old but nonetheless sweet. She enjoys playing “string” and has a pitiful meow. She loves to be around people and is always ready to cause trouble along with her brave sidekick Pumpkin. Her tail is four different colors so we call her “Colorful Butt”. She also likes to sleep by the fireplace at night. Well, that was just a little bit about my cats. Though they have weird names, they are the best friends that a person could have.


  1. some capitalization…
    some capitalization, spelling, and grammar issues but it was still a playful story

  2. I don’t see any mistakes;…
    I don’t see any mistakes; I have even spell-checked 3 times! If I am missing something, please let me know.

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