Into the Wild


Juliana Lombardi writes, What does your cat think?

What does your cat think? It is a mystery, but in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, the inner nature of a cat is revealed. The spirit of the house cats fall to the true warrior inside each cat by the power of the heavenly Clan of cats, StarClan. A warriors story begins in the thrilling tale, Into the Wild. In this book,a house cat, or kittypet, named Rusty dreams of hunting in the wild. He feels as though he belongs in the wild, away from his humans, also know as Twolegs. He wakes up and ponders his dream and then, Rusty jumps over his fence and into the forest. He is traveling to hunt for mice and feel the exhiliration that he felt in his dream, when suddenly Rusty is being chased by a little gray cat, about his age. The two fight but begin talking about where each came from. They are inturrupted by two older cats, Bluestar and Lionheart. The first cat, Bluestar, tells Rusty the conditions of the four Clans of warriors in the forest and invites him to join the Clan. Rusty accepts to offer and becomes an apprentice of ThunderClan, with the new name Firepaw. He soon realizes that kittypet blood is not welcome in any of the four Clans. Firepaw is fast friends with the little gray apprentice he had first met, Greypaw. Firepaw is introduced to many cats of the Clan including the beautiful and kind Spottedleaf; imperious Sandpaw; and follower Dustpaw. These introductions are inturrupted when another apprentice called Ravenpaw bursts into the clearing and announces that Redtail, the Clan deputy is dead. A fearsome warrior called Tigerclaw follows the apprentice and tells Bluestar, his leader, that Redtail was killed bythe RiverClan deputy and that he killed the other deputy in revenge for Redtail’s death. But not all believe this story… A web is spun and young Firepaw is drawn into it. A secret that may affect all the Clans is out in the forest and in this web, Firepaw witnesses his first pangs of loss at a death he will never forget. As the most important prophecy of ThunderClan states, ‘Fire alone can save our Clan….’ and the four Clans, RiverClan, WindClan, ThunderClan and ShadowClan will need to trust all StarClan’s power to face what is coming in the coming moons.


  1. I have read this entire s…
    I have read this entire series and it is fantastic!!!!! You did a excellent job for your review!

  2. Wow!
    Wow!That was a great review!But I think you gave a little to much away from the book.But it was still very good!

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