Music In The Air


Lauren McCulley writes, A few weeks ago, I got the privelage to see the entertaing Colorado Symphony at Betcher Hall.

A few weeks ago, I got the privelage to see the entertaing Colorado Symphony at Betcher Hall. It was with the fifth graders at Powderhorn Elementary and students from schools all over Colorado. Before we could see the very talented musicians, my school’s music teacher had to “train” us for how we should act during the concert. He showed us how to dress, how to act, and most importantly, how to react. Our teacher also gave us a sneak peek of the songs they were going to perform. Finally, after several months of anticipating, the day finally came. When we first got there you stand outside holding a sign with the name of your school on it. After a couple of minutes an usher will guide you to your seats. Lucky enough, my class was able to get very good seats. My teacher said that they would normally cost somewhere around $100-$160. As you first enter Betcher Hall, the place where the symphony performs, you can see all shades of orange and yellow lights dance across the roof. In addition, the auditorium is shaped like a circle. If you look towards the sky, you might be able to see the ring just below the roof. The ring is a place where if you go at night, you can sit up there and have a birds eye view of them playing. It is the cheapest seats in the house, and apparently one ofthe best seats in the house according to my teacher. Sadly, you’re not allowed to go up there during the day. After the ushers take you to your seats, you are allowed to talk quietly amongst your friends, while the symphony practices and gets ready for their concert. Although, as soon as the symphony stops playing you must stop talking. Then, the Concert Master comes out. I advise you clap for him. The Concert Master has the second best salary, next to the conductor and is always a violin player. He tunes the symphony by first pointing at the Oboe player. The Oboe player gives out a note. Then the Concert Master points to a section of the symphony. They play out the same note. He repeats the same thing several times until all the players are tuned. Then, the conductor comes out. Shaking the Concert Master’s hand, he either goes right into the concert, or says some words to you. For us, he went right into the concert, but between each song told us how each instuments gets its sound, and what the songs they were about to play were about. The symphony played the Infernal Dance to start, by Igor Stravinsky. Igor Stravinsky was famous for makinghis music pieces scary, instead of happy like most classical composers. Following, the strings performed a song with many rounds, in which, I can’t remember the name. In addition, the brass did a fanfare. Then, the woodwinds performed Nimbus 2000. You may recognize it from Harry Potter. Their second to last song was a premier, that the precussion did. It was called 3-2-1 Punk, that the conductor composed himelf, and I’d have to say, by far, my favorite song. Their finale was a second part to the Firebird. All in all, the concert was great. The ride home on the bus buzzed with excited voices, talking about the experience. Everybody, including myself couldn’t wait to persuade their parents in seeing it again. Now, I’m telling you, go see the Colorado Symphony, or forever wish you had!


  1. I think I have been to th…
    I think I have been to this symphony before. I went with my school one time and my friend remembers a song from the Harry Potter movies. Anyway, nice story!

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