The Closest Thing


Melissa Riley writes, Have you ever wanted a dog…

Have you ever wanted a dog, but aaaah you have parents that don’t see anything good in a dirty dog or drool all over the floor? Well you’re in luck, Hasbro just created the closest thing. The Fur Real Tuggin’ Pup! Man this cutie has everything, kneading its paws, making puppy sounds, growling and barking, and if you pull on his rope, he actually pulls back (that is if you pull at a 45° angle)! It comes with a birth certificate, and you can also go to and enter your new friends name. If you pet the puppies back it will calm him down. I think kids between the ages 4 and 9 would really enjoy this toy, but I’m a 5th grade animal fanatic and love it! There are six different breeds of tuggin’ pup; they made a beagle, Dalmatian, chocolate Labrador, pug, a terrier, and a mutt. I received the mutt. He is black and white kind of looks like a terrier mix, but very cute. Overall I give it a 3 paws up!


  1. nice!
    nice! i’ve always wanted a dog, but my mom won’t let me and it’s none of the things you listed. It’s because she thinks dogs kill people, when they don’t. i’ll try to persuade her into getting me that!! good review, short and sweet, but had lots of information.

  2. like lauren said its sort…
    like lauren said its sort and sweet p.s. YOU WROTE THIS ARTICLE ON MY B-DAY!!! MARCH 7TH!! good ting its a good article!

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