An interview gone to the dogs…


Felicia Pichulo writes, Hello.

Hello. I’m a Colorado Kids reporter and was supposed to be interviewing someone in my community. I thought about it and decided that it would be fun to interview my dog instead of a person. Since he can’t speak for himself, I’ve decided to interpret his answers. Felicia: What is your name? Rousseau: Rousseau, you should know that already. You helped pick it. Felicia: What is your occupation? Rousseau: loyal companion/playmate Felicia: How do you usually start your day? Rousseau: I usually wake up, stretch, lick myself a little, and then chow-down my favorite dog food. Felicia: What is your favorite activity? Rousseau: I absolutely love to play outside with my owners and try to do something good to get one of those bacon-flavored treats. Felicia: What do you dislike? Rousseau: I hate it when 2 year old Oriana lifts me upside down and drops me on my head! Ow! I also dislike getting put in that little doggy bag that my owners carry me around in. Felicia: When do you usually go to bed? Rousseau: Around 9ish. I’m so worn out after a day of biting ankles, trying to rip pieces off of my toy frog, and running around the lush grass in my backyard. Felicia: Is there anything else you want readers to know about you? Rousseau: Yes, I want readers to know that I love being a Pappilon in Colorado and I hope my life will be spent bathing in the sun and drowning in a pool of snow. I love Colorado! Oh, and I really love those milk bones, too. Felicia: Thank you, Rousseau. Well, as you can see, it’s a dog’s life here in Colorado. Tune in next week and I’ll be talking with my cat, Noelle.


  1. This was a great story!
    This was a great story! I thought it was interesting to “interview” your dog. Can’t wait for Noelle’s interview!

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