Longtime Littleton Lady – My Great Grandmother


Taylor Kelly writes, My great grandmother Mildred Kelly is a very interesting person.

My great grandmother Mildred Kelly is a very interesting person. She has lived in Littleton, Colorado, for 52 years. She recently celebrated her 90 th birthday. She has 3 children, 7 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren. She grew up in Illinois with a sister and half brother. Everyone calls her Millie or Grandma Kelly. Grandma Kelly lived through the Great Depression and it affected her family a lot. Her dad lost his business and they had no money. Her mother then decided to open a tea room. Grandma’s mother knew the person who owned an empty building and that person let her rent the building for free. Her mother borrowed $500 to get the tea room started. When she was just 11 years old, Grandma and her sister worked as waitresses at the tea room. They worked all through High School too. The young girls had to wake up at 4:30 AM to serve breakfast and pack lunches for working crews. The tea room was so successful it stayed open for 31 years.Grandma Kelly loves to do many things. One thing she likes to do is bake. She bakes all kinds of food like cookies and amazing fudge. She likes to make people feel good by giving people some of her goodies. Grandma also likes to garden. She has a beautiful garden in her backyard. Even though she likes to do many other things, art is her passion. She makes pins, paintings and other interesting projects. Her favorite kind of art is watercolors because she loves the delicate flow of the colors. Her favorite thing to paint is people. She says some people think it is difficult to paint other people. My family has some of Grandma’s paintings in our house. My favorite one shows my sister and me holding hands on the beach. She has had artwork in many art shows and has won a few. She puts a lot of her artwork in the Littleton Art Depot and Gallery near her house. She is also a member of the Art Guild. I love my great-grandmother very much. She has done many wonderful things. I will always be grateful for the affect she’s had on my life.


  1. Wow…
    Wow, your grandmother is amazing! She is also a very good painter. This was a fantastic story. Wow…. your grandmother is REALLY amazing! (Like I said before)

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