He Aims, Shoots, Scores and Teacher as Well


Gabi Curry writes, Brian Langtry has been a lacrosse player for the Colorado Mammoth since 2003 and the Denver Outlaws since 2006.

Brian Langtry has been a lacrosse player for the Colorado Mammoth since 2003 and the Denver Outlaws since 2006. He currently plays forward for the Colorado Mammoth and midfield for the Denver Outlaws. Most people know him as a great lacrosse player, but the students at the Challenge School in Cherry Creek know him as a gifted middle school teacher! This week I got interview a teacher, husband, dad, and professional athlete – Mr. Brian Langtry!LIfe as a Professional Lacrosse Player Q-How did you start playing lacrosse? A- My parents bought me a stick and put me in a camp when I was 10 years old.Q-How long have you been playing lacrosse?A-I have been playing for about 20-22 years.Q- Why did you choose the number 6 for your jersey?A- Well, I had the number 3 in college (Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY) and 6 was the only single digit left when I came to Denver.Q-Why did you come to Denver?A- My wife is from here, and I decided to live here too.Q-When your students come to your games do you notice them?A- Well, sometimes it depends.Q-What is the best part of being a professional athlete in Denver?A-Playing in front of a large crowd.Life as a husband Q-Does your wife try to make it to all of the games?A- It is hard for her because our children are so little. Our daughter complains that she is tired of the game and wants to go to the car. Q-Does your wife go to away games?A- NO!Q-How often does she come to school with your kids to visit?A- She came a lot last year, but this year not so much.Life as a father Q-Do you think that your children will play lacrosse?A- Well, I hope so, but they can play lacrosse if they want to, but they don’t have to.Q -What is the best part of being a father?A -Waking up to see their faces. Life as a schoolteacherQ-Why did you decide to teach middle school?A- Well, that was the only position left when I interviewed.Q-Why did you become a teacher?A- I became a teacher because I love kids!Q-When you were little did you want to become a teacher?A-When I was really little no, and I can’t remember otherwise.Brain Langtry – husband, father, lacrosse player, and middle school teacher. It is not often that as a student you have a professional athlete as a teacher. Mr. Langtry is able to balance the demands of being a lacrosse player with the demands of a being a teacher. He is truly a talented man. Brian Langtry is a man that can balance everyday life with two jobs, two kids, and a wife. He is truly an inspiration.


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    Some grammar issues (or maybe I just read it wrong!), but other than that, it was a really greta story. I now know about Brian Langtry, and can’t wait to hear more stories from you!

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    nice work gabi, i go to chalklenge as well, you executed the interview flawlessly

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