Running of the Green


Tony Yin writes, On March 17 th, I went to downtown Denver to volunteer at a St.

On March 17 th, I went to downtown Denver to volunteer at a St. Patrick’s Day run. This event is one of the largest runs in Colorado featuring runners from all over Colorado. This event is a very big celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Anyways, my family and I arrived at the place at nine and it was already filled with people, Irish music, Irish dancers, and a lot of food. The race doesn’t start until nine thirty, so I have half an hour to roam around freely and discover some cool things about the Irish culture. Instead of finding interesting Irish cultural activities, I found a lot booths that gave away tons and tons of free stuff. These sponsors include my favorite fast food restaurant, Chipotle, Dicks Sporting Goods, a couple of running magazines, and even Red Bull showed up. Everybody received free Red Bull energy drink. There were so many good things at those booths. I even received two coupons for free burritos. While I enjoyed eating and drinking water, (not beer! There were tons of free beers!) I toke time to watch people perform the Irish tap-dance and play the bagpipe. They were definitely amazing. Their feet bounced up and down on the stage with joy. How cool would it be if I can do that amazing dance of theirs someday? Not getting of topic, the race is finally starting and as soon as the little leprecon said go, every race was determined to finish the race with pride and speed. There are 7k and 2k runs for both males and females. All I got to see was the beginning of the race since the volunteers must help out around the start of the race. After 20 minutes, the racers are back. Our job was simple, since there isn’t enough workers to time everyone, so instead of having people time, every runner has a magnetic strip tied to their shoes so that way the magnet will start and stop once it reaches the magnetic field. Even though this job doesn’t need as many volunteers, it still needs tons of people to help out. Our job is to cut out the magnetic strips from the runner’s shoe. This way, the company can collect every racer’s time and also re-use this strip for another race. Since there were so many racers out there, we were very busy for about half an hour. Fortunately, all the volunteers worked very fast to make this event smooth and error-less.With the race over, it is now time to celebrate this great race. It is time for beer for the adults. They drank cups after cups of beer. That looks so gross. Anyways, I had a very good time volunteering at this event. I will remember to get my burritos from Chipotle.