Tony Yin writes, ENDING SPOILER (a little)Rating: RLast week…

ENDING SPOILER (a little)Rating: RLast week, my friends and I went to see the most talked about movie this month, Semi-Pro. This comedy features Will Ferrell, who uses his one hit single “Love Me Sexy,” to buy the Flint Tropics, an ABA basketball team. In addition to being owner, he is also the coach, entertainer, and starting power forward. However, the ABA Commissioner announces plans to merge with the NBA, but only four teams will move to the more established league. The Tropics, the worst team in the league, is in danger of dissolving. Jackie trades away the team’s washing machine for Ed Monix, former backup point guard for the NBA Champion Boston Celtics. Soon, the commissioner reveals that as well as having a top four record, the Tropics will also have to have a stable fan base and have an attendance of at least 2,000 fans every remaining game of the season.Jackie begins to promote wildly by such gimmicks as watching him wrestle a bear after the game. The Tropics begin playing better with Monix, as well as the addition of Moon’s friend Clarence Coffee Black. Monix soon takes over as Offensive and Defensive Coordinators, as well as starting point guard, leaving Jackie merely the title of Head Coach. From Monix’s training, the Tropics go on a winning run, moving them up from last to fifth. Jackie, now extremely excited for the possibilities in his grasp, visits the commissioner again to make sure their deal still stands. Here, the commissioner tells the team that the NBA does not think that Flint has a large enough media market and won’t allow the Tropics into the league no matter what their record is. Can the Tropics persuade the commissioner to put them into the NBA? You’ll have to see to find out.This movie is mediocre compared to all of the other Will Ferrell Movies. I only laughed once or twice in the movie. They could have cut out a lot of useless materials to make this movie a PG-13. It is not close to what the trailers displayed. I would not recommend watching this movie.


  1. The story was great…
    The story was great, but as a great writer, you should know that Semi is not Simi, it says it in your title, and throughout the story, but it says the correct spelling on you picture. IDK now… Good Review

  2. It is kinda weird that yo…
    It is kinda weird that you reviewed a movie that you didn’t like. However, this story could be used as a WARNING sign to not see the movie. Anyway, you still did a great review!

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