The Reality Bug


Tony Yin writes, Grade: AIn the fourth book in the Pendragon series by D.

Grade: AIn the fourth book in the Pendragon series by D.J. McHale called The Reality Bug, Bobby Pendragon, the leader of the travelers from all territories in many universes, sets out for a battle on Veelox. This latest battle against Saint Dane, a demon who is trying to destroy all of Halla and its territories will not be fought in reality, but in people’s minds. As soon as Bobby lands on this territory, trouble arises. Unlike other battles in the series, Veelox is completely normal, no monsters, no hate, and no rivalries. However, there is one problem. The entire territory is deserted. Everyone from young to old are living inside a Lifelight pyramids, a structure that allows people to live inside their minds and have anything that is inside the jumper’s minds. Aja, the traveler from the Veelox explains that because Lifelight is so perfect, so no one wants to come back into reality and work. These people are fed through their skin has no need to come outside again. The territory is dying. However, Aja has a way to stop Lifelight. She programmed a virus that preys on your fears to make it all less-then-perfect. However, when the two tried out the virus inside of Pendragon’s jump, things turned out very ugly. Instead of pulling out the beautiful things in life, the bug pulls out the fears living inside people’s mind and uses it against them. Normally, when jumpers die in their jump, they return to reality. But this time, the jumpers actually die when they are attacked by the monsters in their fear. When Aja tried to delete this horrible virus off of the system, it spread everywhere. The only way to stop this virus is by asking Dr. Zetlin, the founder of Lifelight to dis-infect the virus. Now Bobby Pendragon must go inside of Dr. Zetlin’s jump and persuade him to help while under the attacks of Saint Dane. I love the Pendragon series by D.J. McHale. He vividly describes everything so perfectly and excitingly. If you were looking for fairy tales, then you better not read this book. Everything from the setting to the characters are super realistic. When I read this book, I am sometimes stuck in Bobby’s world and never want to come out. If you are a reader that is up for some fun in reading, then this book along with other Pendragon books are a must read.


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