Hawaii: The Exotic Land of Vacation!


Chase Hoven writes, Over my spring break, my family and I decided to take a trip to one of the most gorgeous places on Earth!

Over my spring break, my family and I decided to take a trip to one of the most gorgeous places on Earth! This happened to be the Islands of Hawaii! We began packing a week in advance so we wouldn’t cram everything into the last couple of days. We got up at 3:00 in the morning to go to the airport because our flight was at 6:00 A.M. My whole family decided to sleep on the plane, but I was too excited to even think about grabbing a pillow! Our first flight was to Los Angeles, and we had a hour layover. After that, we boarded a flight to Honolulu. The flight was very, very long (approximately 5 hrs. 57 min. according to my dad) but luckily the flight attendants put in the movie, ‘Enchanted’. It was fantastic and my sister and I were laughing so hard at Pip’s funny ‘sherades’. When we got to Oahu, were Honolulu is located, we had been up for about 10 hours. But, it was only noon there! We still had to board another flight to another island, Kauai. Luckily, that flight only lasted 30 minutes! It was a huge relief when we walked into our hotel after nearly a full day of flying. Our family decided to go down to the pool and beach to relax and celebrate. While we were at the Island of Kauai, we had a blast! Our first day we were there, we decided to go sightseeing. The sights were beautiful, except it started to rain really hard. Though the dramatic change in weather was unexpected, we still had lots of fun! On our second day, we went kayaking…….in the rain! We kayaked about 5 miles and then hiked a mile to see a beautiful waterfall. While we were on Kauai, we saw many famous places were movies have been filmed. It was interesting to see the exact place where millions of people have witnessed the same spot in a movie while we saw it in real life! The rest of our vacation on Kauai was awesome. We went on a catamaran, saw Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins, spotted some whales and counted WILD roosters. By the end of our trip, we saw nearly 300 roosters walking on the side of the road. Since we were there on Easter, we decided to go to church on the beach! As we flew back to Honolulu, we were sad to leave Kauai, but also ready to enjoy the fun and excitement of Oahu! The next day, we went to see the very famous Pearl Harbor! This was the place were the Japanese bombed the U.S. on December 7th, 1941. This was the exact spot where the U.S. was brought into WW 2 and declared war on Japan. This significant event marked the day that 2,341 innocent people were killed in Honolulu, 1,177 of them were from the Arizona, a ship that was docked at Pearl Harbor on the day of the attack. It was hit by 8 bombs and sank in less than 9 minutes of the attack. The tragic part is that the attack was at 8:06 in the morning, with many members of the crew still sleeping. Since it sank in less than ten minutes, many of the crew members were trapped beneath the ship, and ended up going down with the ship. Though it was a tragic day, Pearl Harbor is the one of the greatest places to relive history. As our family flew back from the Hawaiian Islands, we were terribly sad to leave ‘Paradise’ but ready to get back in the swing for school and other activities. I really cannot wait to go back to Hawaii, and enjoy its rich history and culture!


  1. great story.
    great story. i’ve been to hawaii before, and i know how you feel about the long flights. i went to oahu and maui. great info, and good photos.

  2. I have been to kauai and …
    I have been to kauai and you put about every part about being there. Thanks for putting this out there!

  3. Thanks a lot!
    Thanks a lot! The only part that we didn’t get to do was to “tube” down the sugarcane shoots. I’m not sure how long the trail that the people tube down is, but it is at least one mile! It might even be 3 at the most.

  4. awesome story!
    awesome story!! thnx for writing about what to do in Hawaii cuz I’m going there this summer! 🙂 you put great details in this story and it sounded like you had a ton of fun!

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