McDowell Survives ‘Worst NASCAR Crash Ever’


Chase Hoven writes, On Friday…

On Friday, April 4th, 2008, Michael McDowell walked away form one of the worst NASCAR crashes ever in motorsports history. After flipping his car in turn one of the Texas Motor Speedway during his qualifying run, McDowell got out of his car under his own power. Many of the spectators at the Texas Motor Speedway heard a loud BOOM and then a series of thuds and bangs. Many people saw this live on SPEED and were absolutely shocked. The accident was so spectacular because McDowell was the only car on the racetrack at that time. He later said in an interview that he felt fine, nothing was broken and he stayed conscious through the entire series of rolls. As McDowell went down into turn one, his car got loose and sped up toward the wall. He hit it head-on and the car rolled over. As the car went down the banking, it started to roll very violently. The car eventually came to a stop after rolling eight times on its wheels. This crash was a true test to the new car, the COT. The fact that the car went straight into the wall at over 185 m.p.h. is unbelievable. And yet, the car still held up after flipping eight times. And most importantly, the driver was uninjured after such a horrific crash. Many of the drivers who were at the track on Friday were thankful that the COT car was in use, as if it was the old car would have taken that hard of a hit, the results could have been fatal. You can watch the spectacular crash on YouTube if you type in ‘2008 Texas Qualifying Michael McDowell flip Live’. Anyway, with such a violent crash, the safety equipment used on McDowell’s car is another example of how the 21st century has really changed the way we view safety not just in racing, but in our everyday lives.


  1. i heard about that on the…
    i heard about that on the today show, he is very lucky. anyway, good job!

  2. Thanks!
    Thanks! Although many people aren’t NASCAR fans, this incident was so spectacular that I HAD to post an article on it.

  3. nice details!
    nice details!! it’s actually like i could see it in my head happening as i read it. great job!! 🙂

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