High School Journalism Day


Tony Yin writes, On April 11 th 2008…

On April 11 th 2008, University of Denver hosted the 22 nd annual High School Journalism Day to enhance the skills of teenage journalists from around the state. This year, over 200 student journalists attended this fabulous event. I was fortunate to attend this event with three other journalists from Nextgen. This fantastic event is a full-day program with over 38 classes instructed in four different periods. These hour-long classes includes lessons like TV News and Newspaper Photojournalism, Leadership Workshops for Editors, Covering Society’s Sensitive Issues, Design and Layout, Meteorology, and Finding Credible Sources and many other important topics on journalism.This is not just another old journalism class; in fact, this is an interactive and exiting event filled with both fun and learning. The classes are taught by working journalists and experts from CBS4, the Rocky Mountain News, the University of Denver and the Colorado High School Press Association. Now, young journalism will not be restricted into studying subjects that bore them to death. Instead, journalists can always choose a class that they find interesting to them. No matter what specific career one may want to enroll in, there are always some right classes for them.To be honest, I really loved this event. Through this, I understood more about journalism through this one day more than I ever did for an entire quarter of journalism class at my school. I really had a blast after talking to other journalists around the state and professional reporters. If you are interested in attending this event, go to http://www.postnewseducation.com/subsection.asp?section=resources&subsection=High%20School%20Journalism%20Day. I loved the High School Journalism Day. Definitely go if you are interested in journalism.


  1. good story.
    good story. i wish i could go. i could really need it, if i want to be a journalist when i grow up (which i do)

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