Enchanted on DVD – 10X the experience


Rachel Faulkner writes, Well, everyone, it’s out – the Enchanted DVD.

Well, everyone, it’s out – the Enchanted DVD. While the actual movie came out in theaters last holiday season, the DVD includes a movie-watching experience that can rival anything you’ve ever seen before. The plot itself was fluffy and funny. It tells the story of animated girl Giselle and her dream of finding Prince Charming – or, at least, Prince Edward, the bumbling yet loyal prince. Yet on their wedding day, Giselle’s future is ruined by a power hungry queen and sent into a world quite unlike her own – Manhattan, New York. There she meets Robert, a tough-as-nails lawyer, and his adorable daughter, and continues ot make a mess of things in places she doesn’t understand. Meanwhile, Prince Edward and her chipmunk friend Pip try to rescue Giselle, to the queen’s fury. Will they save Giselle in time? Will the queen attempt revenge? Or worse, will Giselle not want to leave New York? While many may say, “But I saw the movie in theaters. Why should I see the DVD?” I can guarruntee that the DVD is a more fun experience. The DVD comes with a laughable blooper reel, several interesting deleted scenes, an animated tale of Pip the chipmunk’s adventure, and the new country song, “Ever Ever After.” As the New York Times critiqued, Enchanted is “delightful!”


  1. This was a really funny m…
    This was a really funny movie and I enjoyed it a lot. Very nice review!

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