Washington D.C. A Capital Trip


Christiana Holladay writes, On spring break I went to Washington D.

On spring break I went to Washington D.C., the trip was one of the best trips ever! I went with my Grandad, my step-Grandmother, Gammy, and my step-cousin, Jonah Cavender. The first day was very busy. When I got off of the airplane I was very excited that I was finally there. We had been planning this trip for over a month. After we dropped our bags off at our hotel we went to the Arlington National Cemetery where my Aunt Kirsten was buried. I felt excited to be insuch a beautiful cemetery, butsad that she had died and wasn’t there to be with me. When we were done seeing her grave,we went to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier’s grave. The Tomb is guarded by soldiers that have to guard in any kind of weather, including Hurricane Katrina. It was pretty fun watching the guards go back and forth 21 steps, and 21 seconds to turn around, representing the 21-gun-salute. The next day was the busiest day in Washington D.C. The first moument we saw was the Jefferson Memorial (one of my favorites because I studied Thomas Jefferson in second grade, the biggest project we did that year). Some of the memorials we saw were: Abraham Lincoln, Vietnam Veterans Memorial (my Grandad served in Vietnam so that was his favorite), Roosevelt, and the Korean War Memorial. We did three things the last day. The first thing we went to was one of my favorites, the Washington Monument. I liked it because it is tall and you can go up it in an elevator and you can see stuff from abetter view like the Capitol and the White House.Then we walked down the big long Mall to get to the Air and Space Museum, where I saw Samual Langley’s room in the Air and Space Museum. I am related and named after him, he made one of the early airplanes. At the end of our last day there I stepped into Senator Wayne Allard’s office to take a Capital tour with one of his assistants. We went and took an underground tour to the Capitol and rode in a mini train, we only got to do that because we were with the assistant. I learned that the statue on top of the Capitol is named Lady Freedom and she is 91/2 feet tall and all the other statues have to be under 9 feet tall or 9 feet tall. We got to go up to the galley in the House of Representatives. My trip to Washington D.C. was one of my favorites, and the biggest trip of this year.


  1. fantastic!
    fantastic! i get to go to DC next week with some kids from my school (it’s a school trip). although, we will only be spending a day in DC. the other days will be in jamestown and williamsburg. anyway, great job.

  2. Hello…
    Hello, I’m wondering if you read my article about Washington D.C. published last fall? I talked about some things we did there – did you see the Colorado statues in the Capitol? My favorite part of that tour was stepping on the place where every president has stood since Washington. Also, did you go to the Hollocaust Museum? That was my personal favorite museum. Hope you had fun, and great article!

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