It’s a Great Day to Be an Eagle


Allyson Malecha writes, If you live in Broomfield, you probably know who the principal of Broomfield High School is, Mrs.

If you live in Broomfield, you probably know who the principal of Broomfield High School is, Mrs. Ginger Ramsey. But how much do you really know? In this interview I had with Mrs. Ramsey, I found out much more than I had bargained for from this BHS principal of 8 years.Mrs. Ramsey loves her job and feels proud when she sees her “kids” succeed academically, athletically, creativity and last of all, seeing them “just be kids”. She says about her work, “I look forward to coming to work everyday. I don’t see it as a job, I see it as an opportunity to have fun. I wish everyone felt this way about their job.” Even though Mrs. Ramsey loves her job, she says, “It is a challenge to work with students to make sure they are doing every thing they are supposed to be doing. I have students in danger of not graduating, and I want to help them.” She also connects with the families, to help these students succeed. When Mrs. Ramsey sets out to do something, she thinks of how it would affect the school. One year; however, when the Broomfield High School field was being replaced with Astroturf, she thought about moving the graduation ceremony to the University of Colorado – Boulder, rather than keeping it at the school. The seniors went “crazy” and told her she absolutely couldn’t move graduation. During the ceremony, the graduating class shook her hand and placed a marble in her palm. They told her, “You’ve lost your marbles.” This is the funniest moment Mrs. Ramsey can recall in her 8 years at Broomfield. It sure must be a “great day to be an Eagle” with this job!During the interview, I also learned some new facts about Broomfield High. Originally, the school was the junior high and high school combined. They were separated in the cafeteria by a sliding wall; however, the whole building became a high school in 1983. Now, the school is going under yet another remodel. The school is receiving a 21 million dollar bond project to build a new, two story classroom wing, install air conditioning, remodel restrooms and many other much needed improvements. Although the building may be changing, one point that remains the same is Broomfield’s pride and leadership in their high school.