Nuggets Swept in Playoffs


Tony Yin writes, The Nuggets are gone from after the first round.

The Nuggets are gone from after the first round. AGAIN!! They were still swept by the Los Angeles Lakers. They feature two superstars in Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson, who started alongside each other in the All-Star Game, plus another player who probably should have in Marcus Camby, the league’s premiere rebounder and shot blocker.Kenyon Martin resurrected his career after two knee surgeries, J.R. Smith’s game and maturity took giant leaps in 2007-08. Linas Kleiza and Eduardo Najera added versatility to their games, giving the Nuggets one of the best benches in basketball even with Nene missing most of the season with testicular cancer and various injuries.The Nuggets won 50 games for the first time in 20 years, tallying just seven fewer wins than the top-seeded Lakers. Yet, Denver lost to the Lakers by an average of 13 points. They became the first 50-win team in NBA history to get shut out in the playoffs.Nuggets were bounced out of the first round for the fifth-straight season. Only this time, they didn’t even win their customary one game before getting a jump on their summer vacation. The only thing I could say about the Nuggets is that they are disappointing.After a great regular season with 50 wins, the Nuggets just can’t get it done in the post season. I think some changes will have to be made in the NBA if the Nuggets want to become a championship contender. One way to start is by firing George Karl for someone like Avery Johnson, who was fired today by the Mavericks. Hopefully our two superstars will find some answers and help us win in postseason.