Buzz! Junior: Robo Jam


Christine Samson writes, Buzz Junior: Robo Jam!

Buzz Junior: Robo Jam!Are you ready for loosening up with robots that can laugh your head off? Buzz Junior: Robo Jam is just the kind of video game that can do that! In this game, you can buzz your way around games: either a short game, medium game, or a marathon game! You can do a custom game so you can create your own game and play your favorite rounds. Customize your own robot, choose a game, or practice! There are different rounds in this game like Barrel Bashing, Saucer Shooting, Space Jumping, High Diving, and a lot more! You can also play with your friends and challenge them for a competition. You and your friends can play for 1st place, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th. But it doesn’t really matter because if your having a lot of fun, you don’t care if you’re in 1st or 4th. 1-4 players can play at a time. All you need is some Buzz Buzzers, this game and play!I liked a lot about this game! Its funny and entertaining! Plus, the robots do some crazy dance moves, laugh, and they’re good sports. I also liked that the robots had funky hairdos! I didn’t really have anything that I didn’t like about this game. But sometimes…when I don’t do good at the game, I get frustrated. I don’t get that mad though, I’m just disappointed in myself but then I get better at it.I bet all kids will enjoy this video game. You can Saucer Shoot, Barrel Bash, Test your Crashing, try to get as many nuts as you can, High Dive, shoot eyeballs, and more!So, if your ready to jam with the robots, try this game out! Its really fun, entertaining, and exciting. You won’t even know that the time passed so quickly! Buzz! Junior: Robo Jam is a great game to play with your friends. And even though you don’t like to try it, try it!Name of Toy: Buzz! Junior: Robo JamCompany: PlayStation 2 and Sony Computer EntertainmentType of Toy: Video gameAge recommendation: Everyone