Snow Buddies – The Buddies are Back!


Taylor Kelly writes, Snow Buddies…

Snow Buddies, new on DVD, is a movie about five golden retriever puppies who find themselves in Alaska and there they meet Shasta, a Husky puppy with a dream to be on a dog sled team. With the help of the puppies, Shasta and his owner enter the annual dog sled race. But it’s rough for a kid and six puppies against adults and their full-grown dogs. Can the pups win the race and get back home?In Special Features there is a Behind the Scenes section and the music video “Lean on Me” by Mitchell Musso (Oliver on Hannah Montana). From Behind the Scenes I learned that Robert Vince, the director and screenwriter (along with Anna McRoberts) filmed the movie at a ski resort in Canada, but he made it look like Alaska. When the puppies got bored, they started to play and crewmembers had to shovel snow to make it look like no person or dog walked on the snow. Dylan Sprouse (Zack from the Suite Life of Zack and Cody) is the voice of Shasta. The film also features the voices of James Belushi and Whoopi Goldberg. Snow Buddies is 87 minutes long with a rating of G. I think it would be enjoyed by younger kids. From the cover of this movie I thought I wasn’t going to like the movie, but I was wrong. Snow Buddies wasn’t my favorite movie, but it wasn’t my least favorite movie. If you liked the original Air Bud movies and its followers, you’ll like Snow Buddies.