Bright Red Flip-Flops


Lena N-M writes, I set down my ball point pen and gave a sigh of satisfaction.

I set down my ball point pen and gave a sigh of satisfaction. I love to write and I had just finished writing a story called “The Wizard of Oz” It was a fun story about a girl named Dorothy who finds herself in the land of Oz. Most likely you’ve heard it.”Trisha, look at these!” my best friend Stacy yelled. I ran after her voice. I moved quickly because the hot sand felt like it was burning my feet. I stopped for a second to soak my feet in the ocean and then started running again. Huffing and puffing I reached Stacy.”Look!” she cried pointing to a pair of bright red flip-flops. There was nothing special about them except for a bright ruby in the center of each one.”Oooo, do you think the rubies real?” I asked eagerly.”Who cares? There so cute! You should wear them.””Okay….” I said cautiously as I slipped them onto my feet. But as soon as my skin touched them everything around me started to whirl. A strong wind hurled me into the air. When the wind died down I landed on a yellow brick road. Ugh my hair is messed up I thought to myself as my waist length strawberry-blond hair whirled around me. After I fixed it, I looked up and saw a girl in a blue and white checked dress. She was singing and skipping down the road with a scarecrow. “Excuse me,” I said unsurely”Yes?!?” the girl said somewhat impatiently.”Where am I?” I said exasperated.”Well this might give you a hint!” the girl said brightly, “I am Dorothy and I am off to see The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.” Then it hit me. I had landed in a story. Actually, I had landed in The Wizard of Oz. The story I had just finished writing.”Oh where did you get those flip-flops?” she said eagerly her eyes shining with anticipation.”Oh… ummmmmm….””Well there so chic!” she said more then enthusiastically, “There is a mall coming up. Maybe we could find some for me?””Okay…” I said uncertainly. This was all happening very fast.”Dorothy, we are supposed to go to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz!” the scarecrow said unhappily.”Oh to heck with that. I’d rather get those flip-flops!” she insisted.”Fine!” the scarecrow said firmly, “I’ll go back so you and your new best friend can go on your All important shopping spree!” and with that he turned around and walked away.”Let’s go!” Dorothy squealed. She pulled me into a tall building that had YELLOW BRICK ROAD MALL lettered across it in gold letters. She pulled me into the first shoe store she saw. She walked up to the clerk, pulled a flip flop off my foot, and said, “We are looking for a pair of flip-flops just like these.””Knock yourself out” the clerk said, without looking up. Dorothy went through every shoe box. Then she sighed. “It’s obviously not here Trisha.” she said glumly. Then she brightened, “On to the next shoe store!” she declared. We did this routine at all the other shoe shops. Finally we stopped to get a snack at the food court.”One yellow brick road sundae” she said to the man behind the counter. “And I’ll have a chocolate ice cream” I said.”There are only yellow brick road sundaes!” he said sounding like I was the dumbest person on earth.”Fine” I snapped, “I’ll have yellow brick road sundae!”He handed us two crystal bowls filled with the most delicious looking yellow ice cream.”And how are we paying for this?” I whispered to Dorothy.”Don’t sweat it Trisha. I got it.” she whispered back. She reached into her pocket and fished out three red rubies. Exactly like the ones I had on my flip-flops. She handed them him to him and then skipped off to find a table. I stood there feeling foolish. Then I gave the man a weak smile and followed Dorothy. Just as we were sitting down a queer looking man pushing a cart came up to us. He had mousy grey hair and a moustache that was plastered to his skin all the way up to his ears. “Hello nice ladies.” he said. His voice was raspy like he hadn’t had any water in weeks. Still I smiled politely at him and then turned away to show him that I was not interested in buying anything from him. But he rasped on, “I am selling flip-flops. Would either of you be interested in buying a pair? We have a special on BRIGHT RED ONES.Dorothy squealed and squeezed my arm. “Oh Trisha, do you think the flip-flops could be there?’ I shook her off. “Yeah, whatever Dorothy.” I mumbled as I stuck another spoonful of my sundae into my mouth. If there was an ice cream flavor called “sunshine” this sundae would have been it. Dorothy skipped over to the man whispered some words to him, the man nodded, and Dorothy began to dig through the cart. She looked for quite some time. I had finished my yellow brick sundae (it was delicious) and was considering asking Dorothy for some money to go buy a second one, when Dorothy shrieked causing everybody to put there hands over there ears, including Dorothy. She slipped into the chair next to me and before I could say a word she slipped on the flip-flops and grabbed my hand. Everything around me started to whirl and a strong wind threw me into the air. The wind was so strong I had to curl up into a little ball and close my eyes. I landed with a soft thud which was followed by another one which was Dorothy’s. I didn’t look up until I heard a very familiar voice. It was Stacy’s. I looked up and there she was. She looked the same as she did earlier when the wind picked me up and carried me off to the Land of Oz. She was standing there in her brown one piece, her dirty blond hair piled on top of her head and her eyes gleaming. But there was a difference. The last time I had seen Stacy her eyes were gleaming with pleasure from finding the flip-flops. This time they were gleaming with anger. Also, her hands were on her hips and her lips her pursed. Then she started screaming.”WHAT WERE YOU THINKING TRISHA?!? HUH? YOU DECIDE TO PULL SOME NASTY LITTLE PRATICAL JOKE ON ME. Well IT’S NOT FUNNY! YOU TELL ME WHAT YOU WERE THINKING RIGHT NOW! START TALKING!?! You may think this is pretty weird, something that your mother would say to you but this is typical Stacy behavior. Stacy is great but she jumps to conclusions which can get annoying. But nevertheless I stood up brushed the sand off my shorts and was just about to tell her when something hit me. Dorothy wasn’t next to me. But she was here. I freaked. I did a spin and saw her talking to a group of eight year olds. I ran over to her, grabbed her arm, and dragged her over to Stacy. I said briskly to Dorothy “Tell my good friend Stacy who you are.” Dorothy launched into a full explanation about how she was from Oz and blah blah. After Dorothy was done Stacy raised an eyebrow and nodded at me. “It’s true.” Dorothy insisted. “Puh, yeah right. Trisha, tell Dorothy it’s not true.” Stacy demanded.”Um…actually it is true.”To Be Continued In “A New World”