Mary Anne Porto writes, Swindle…

Swindle,by Gordon Korman, is about Griffin, “The Man With The Plan,” Bing who gets swindled out of a million dollar baseball card. He finds the card in the old Rockford house. Of course, it’s “The Man With The Plan’s” idea that him, his best friend, Ben, and a few other kids from school, should spend the night at the supposedly haunted house before the next day, when the house would be destroyed. It turns out that only Griffin and Ben that show up. After Ben mysteriously falls asleep, Griffin goes exploring in the old home, he finds a 1920 Babe Ruth baseball card. Griffin and Ben go to Palomino’s Emporium to see how much it’s worth. S. Wendle Palomino buys it cheap, and a few days later, he’s on the news saying that the card is worth a million dollars. But Griffin won’t let himself be swindled. He puts together another brilliant plan…In this fast paced humorous novel, Gordon Korman tells the story of Griffin Bing, with descriptive details and an interesting plot. I recommend this book to kids ages 9-11. If you like an adventurous comedy, Swindle is the book for you.