Orion Pilger writes, If I was asked to do a research paper on any animal, and I chose cats.

If I was asked to do a research paper on any animal, and I chose cats. So my animal is the cat. Lots of people own cats. Cats are very interesting. Cats are almost as smart as humans! Although, they can be stubborn, there are still a lot of things you can learn about cats.Cats look sweet and cute. Most cats have tails. They have long bodies (like dogs) and eyes that are wider than they are long (eyes like slits). They have fur on their bodies. Their fur is soft and can be different patterns or colors. Their fur can be long or short. Their eyes can be different colors too. Some cats have two different colored eyes!Cats drink water and like to eat fish, birds, and mice. Sometimes, cats will also attack butterflies. Cats live in houses and other cats may live outside. If a cat lives outside, it needs a safe place to sleep. They can sleep in a garage or a barn or a trash can. But they aren’t always safe…Cats are unique because they are the only animals I know of that can purr. Cats purr by using extra tissue (skin/fur) in their voice box. This tissue vibrates when they purr. Now, here are more cool facts about cats! Cats have claws that will retract into their paws when not in use. Also, cats are members of the family Felidea. A cat named Spike, bought in 1970 by Mo Elkington, lived for 29 years! And, last but not least (the last fact); in relation to body size cats have the largest eyes of any mammal!!!As you can see, cats are very smart, interesting, wonderful, and cool. You can still learn lots of facts about cats (If you want)! Cats are still unique and still have some unexplained things….but for now, we only know certain things. That is all for now, but later, there will be lots more.


  1. There are some short chop…
    There are some short choppy sentences and that doesn’t make a reader want to continue reading. (I am quoting my English teacher). Try to expand sentences and it’ll be great!

  2. I agree with the other pe…
    I agree with the other person’s comments…but I love Cats!

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