The Course of Action {A random work of Fiction}


The world consisted of cats, fairies and few humans. The humans were like animals or cavemen. It was a very strange place.

The world consisted of cats, fairies and few humans. The humans were like animals or cavemen. It was a very strange place. The world was made of one city, a forest and a desert…but four beings changed it forever.


There once was a cat. His name was Cheese. Cheese was pink and blue with a magic tail. His tail held all the powers in the universe, but it was dangerous because of it's great power. Other cats wanted Cheese to use his powers to help them but he refused. The other cats grew angry with Cheese. Cheese was frightened that someone would steal his tail so he cut it off and buried in a sand dune. He thought it would be safe forever, but a thief named Delilah stole the chest with the tail in it and released it into the wind for all the world to use. So now, the world was powerful and Cheese was just a normal cat; he lost everything because he could not learn to share and help his fellow cats.


Delilah was just a normal fairy, or so most would think but Delilah had no magic in her. She was beautiful -for her name meant 'elegance' -but was shunned because of her magic-less-ness. She heard of a cat with a magical tail and decided she would steal the tail for herself. So the beautiful Delilah took her fairy wings to the air for the first time and flew to the desert where Cheese lived. She heard the complaints of the cat colony that cheese had refused to help and one cat remarked that Cheese had buried his tail in the sand. Delilah took this information and moved quickly. Using her luck and knack for thievery, Delilah tricked Cheese into telling her where the tail was hidden and so she found the tail and succeeded in opening the box the tail had been locked in. She now possessed the magical tail that would rise her to the greatest throne in the fairy kingdom. But Delilah looked back at the dying cat colony and her heart was wrenched. She closed her eyes and gave up her dream, releasing the magic of the tail into the winds. The magic scattered and every part of the small world was dusted with magic. The cats were healed, problems solved and the world became perfect. Sadly, Delilah took ill soon after the Release and never recovered. She died happily, knowing that she saved the cats from destruction and died with many friends…the cats. She became a spirit-walker -a helper and guide to those who needed it and could walk between the dead and living. She became the role-model for all cats.


Natalie and Effie, two humans, changed their way of life and those around them in a special way. Natalie was stunningly perfect and an all-around beautiful girl. Effie was plain, quiet and mysterious, not someone you'd notice. These two girls where blessed with the magic that was released by the fairy Delilah. They used their gifts wisely and to make things better, bringing the cavemen fire and more civilized means of living. Effie was granted the name Sweet Brier by the fairies. Being granted a fairy name is a wonderful blessing. Her new name meant 'simplicity'. Natalie became Rosemary for it meant 'remembrance' and she was always to be remembered. Sweet Brier and Rosemary began to work to bring about peace and happiness in the ever-growing world and almost succeeded. Before their work was complete, Rosemary and Sweet Briar parted ways forever. Sweet Briar found her prince on a peace mission, married him and lived as a princess, Princess Sweet Briar, and still worked for a better life for those who were poor. Rosemary became a doctor to the forest-dwellers and was the saving grace for many. The legends of Rosemary and Sweet Briar were passed down from generation to generation, but eventually were forgotten. Walt Disney, the famous animator, heard a whisper of Sweet Briar and she provided the inspiration for his famous princess, Aurora aka Briar Rose. He did add the fire-breathing dragon, cursed sleep and wicked witch, of course. Rosemary's work inspired Clara Barton, a Civil War nurse who eventually founded the Red Cross.


These four changed the world, for good or for bad. Our decisions make a difference in the world as they show us here. Cheese chose to be selfish and evil, almost killing the cats in the process. Delilah released the magic for the common good of the world. Sweet Briar and Rosemary inspired people of the New Century by their work and kindness. They all made a decision which affected the world.