Civil War – Underground Railroad


Orion Pilger writes, This is a school assignment about the Civil War and the Underground Railroad.

This is a school assignment about the Civil War and the Underground Railroad. I thought it was a good story so I have posted it.Hi. My name is Orion Pilger and before I was even six years old, I was forced to work in the fields picking weeds and cotton. By the end of every day, I was in much pain and my hands were bleeding. I got a cabin to sleep in, but otherwise my life was horrible. Then one day my mom told me about an Underground Railroad, a trail where slaves escape to freedom. She told me not to get any ideas, but that was exactly what I was going to do.Now I am eleven and am ready to go. I am leaving from Nashville, Tennessee and am going to Canada to escape using this “railroad.” All I know about Canada is that it is underneath the North Star, the brightest star in the North. I can’t wait to go! I get all my possessions and head off. It is about 11:00pm now and I have made it through three towns. I crawl up next to a tree and rest. I can’t sleep any longer. It feels like 5:00am. I’m not used to waking up at this time, but I get up and continue on. After a couple hours after sunrise, I was nearing a forest. About eight feet into the forest, I saw a huge river. I couldn’t swim across it, but I had to get across! I looked around and then spotted a boat with oars. I climbed in and rowed across the river. Then I continued on. About 3 or 4 hours later, houses started popping up in the forest. The lights looked inviting, but I still hid. My stomach growled as I walked through the town, but I still didn’t get near a house. Soon I couldn’t control myself and I walked up to a house and abruptly opened the door. Then I found six eyes staring at me, 2 of which belonged to a human with the whitest skin I ever saw. The other two pairs belonged to a kid older and a kid younger than me, with my same skin color. The older kid and I made friends and stayed at the house for the night. His name was Ryan Baker. He told me a lot of things, but I was most grateful for my bed.We woke up today at 7:00am. We were fed breakfast and my friend, Ryan, asked me what I had done so far. I told him the whole story and we set out for Canada again. This time we were in a desert-y area. Ryan told me we were in North Dakota. Hallelujah! We still had a long way to go, but we were close. It was still a little dark and I could make out the North Star. It was closer than last time, which was great! Ryan helped me all along the way and I was glad he was with me. When it was around 8:00pm, Ryan unrolled some sleeping bags for us. I had to sleep in one with Ryan since there were no more houses. We are close to freedom!I was awakened by Ryan and the other younger boy. They looked concerned. I heard footsteps nearing and jumped up. I started running. I am planning that if I make it, I will become a teacher, but that may not happen. I looked back. The other boy was caught and Ryan was following me. I just ran and ran and ran. It seemed like hours, but I finally made it. I was so happy! I was finally FREE!


  1. We learned about this in class.
    We learned about this in class. I can’t imagine.

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