Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


Tony Yin writes, Rating: Pg-13 Indiana Jones is back to action after 19 years of waiting!

Rating: Pg-13 Indiana Jones is back to action after 19 years of waiting! This fantastic movie continues from the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade with one more stomach-churning, mouth-dropping performance from Harrison Ford and his crew. This movie is definitely worth the wait and will certainly entertain everyone out for a piece of Indiana Jones’s adventure. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is directed by Steven Spielberg and features another battle for a long-lost, mysterious, and deadly treasure, the crystal skull. This story takes place in 1957 when Indiana Jones and his partner Mac are brutally kidnapped by the Soviet Union, led by ill-minded psychologist Spalko, to find a top secret artifact, a mythical creature that was apparently not from this world. Soon, he is stopped by a young man, Mutt Williams, who told him the urgency of finding crystal skull and help discover the Mayan culture.Once reaching Peru, Jones trudged along to find Francisco de Orellana’s grave. He was a Conquistador who was seeking the City of Gold in the 1500’s but went missing along with his team. Upon finding the grave, Indiana Jones finds inhumanly-shaped skull made of pure crystal with the same magnetic characteristics as the body from the creature he helped the Soviets find. However, the Soviets were following Indiana all the way to help find more clues to this mystery of the crystal skull. After being captured again and sent to camp, Indiana Jones learns that he must return the skull and then he will receive the most powerful psychic power. In addition, he also discovered that he’ll be having the company of his old lover and mother to Mutt, Marion Ravenwood, a fellow friend and archaeologist Oxley. While still being controlled by the Soviets, Indiana Jones and his crew set out on a journey to find the true resting place of the crystal skull. However, they would not easily let the Soviets have the secret without putting up a fight. With a clever plan from Jones that resulted in the death of most of the Soviets through crashing vehicle fights, brutal gun fire, and swarms upon swarms of killer ants. After going through three daunting waterfalls, fighting mandible tribal people, solving dangerous riddles, the bounty hunters finally enter a room full of ancient treasures. Will this lead to the final discovery of the resting place for the crystal skull? Or will this end up in a even more mysterious treasure with endless possibilities? Watch this movie that will leave you with an awe.Even though the crystal skull’s part in the movie could confuse some viewer, the movie makes perfect sense overall. Now that I think about it, I want to go on a search for the crystal skull. You can’t miss out on this exciting ride. Indiana Jones has engineered perfectly. I believe that viewers of all kind, race, and gender will love and adore Indiana Jones forever after watching this.


  1. not only do i love the movie.
    not only do i love the movie…i love your review! i love how you carefully placed the words to make the suspense build up in the reader’s body. you also nicely summerized the movie!

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