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Tony Yin writes, Obama…

Obama, once a unknown first-term senator from Illinois, has earned enough delegates on Tuesday’s primary and pledging of super-delegates to become the first African American nominees from the democratic part. By winning Montana, losing South Dakota, and receiving tons of support from super-delegates like President Carter, Obama is projected to be the nominee of the Democratic Party.On Tuesday morning, Obama was less than 40 delegates away from reaching the magic number of 2118 that will secure the nomination. With only 31 delegates awarded for the two states, Obama needed support from many undecided super-delegates along with victories in the two states. After gaining more than two dozen last-minute endorsements from uncommitted superdelegates, including two local congressmen, and winning enough votes in Tuesday’s Montana and South Dakota primaries, Obama finally nailed down the magic number of delegates needed for victory.Despite Obama reaching the 2118 delegates he needed to win, Hilary Clinton, his Democratic opponent, says she still won’t drop her campaign. Hilary Clinton, another symbolic and historical figure is being suspected of becoming the vice president and will join Obama’s ticket to the White House in November. Hopefully, this will truly bring unity to the divided party and have both candidates going against the Republican Nominee, John McCain.


  1. i like how you’re so inte…
    i like how you’re so interested in politics. 2 thumbs up

  2. I too am very interested …
    I too am very interested in politics. My uncle is a former senator, and he interviewed Obama way back in February 2007, and then met him again at the nomination rally. I personally like Obama – who do you like best?

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