Red Sox brawl Rays during game


Emma Carroll writes, Boston-Benches cleared during the Red Sox vs.

Boston-Benches cleared during the Red Sox vs. Rays game Thursday at Fenway Park when center fielder Coco Crisp charged the Rays right-hander James Shields after he was hit by a ball while at bat.The ball hit Crisp in the upper thigh, and it looked like Crisp was going to go to first base, in accordance with baseball rules; however, Crisp threw off his helmet and ran at Shields. The catcher for the Rays, realizing immediately what was going on, ran after Crisp. When Crisp approached the mound, Shields threw the first punch, and the Rays infield came running in to restrain and assist, fueled by the cheering fans. Soon, Red Sox players and coaches ran in, and a dog pile ensued. Rays and Red Sox coaches and players tried desperately to restrain the fighting players as to prevent from any suspensions, and police officers were present during the brawl.As the fight broke up, Crisp walked away smiling, but Red Sox manager Terry Francona looked less than pleased. Francona had a reason to be mad, considering Crisp was given a seven-game suspension. Major League Baseball issued the penalty because of what they called “inappropriate actions and for charging the mound, fighting and inciting the bench-clearing incident.”Jon Lester, a Red Sox pitcher was given a five-game suspension due to, as ruled by the MLB, “intentionally throwing” at a Tampa Bay batter after there had been an issued warning. He hit Carl Crawford after the incident with a curveball, but no information has been given if that was the reason for suspension. Though Crisp appealed, Lester did not.Also given a suspension was Red Sox first baseman Sean Casey. It is a three-day suspension, but it isn’t scheduled to start until June 14. MLB said it was because of “fighting.” Casey has not yet decided whether he will appeal or not.Tampa Bay players were given five suspensions total. Shields received a six-game suspension, Johnny Gomes, a designated hitter, and Edwin Jackson got a five-game suspension, second baseman Akinori Iwaumura was given a three-game suspension, and a four-game suspension was given to Carl Crawford.”I guess I deserved it,” Gomes said about his suspension. “You run out of the dugout and throw some punches.”Joe Maddon, the Rays manager, who was unhappy about the suspensions, said, “Their guy started it, and we have more guys nailed. That’s the part that didn’t sit well with me”Both teams have a roster that has been forced to change due to the suspensions, which might effect both teams’ playing. There will bad blood the entire year, but tempers should cease to sizzle by the time the two teams meet again in late June.To see the fight, go to and click on 2 in the on the main news scroll. Click on full story. The video panel is in the upper right corner.


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    i hate Coco so much he is such a jerk. Did you see he did a takeout slide into second on a steal! thats why he was hit!

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