Ant Crazy!


Jordan Hizel writes, Ant CrazyI remember that Christmas morning when my sister opened one of her presents and it was an ant farm.

Ant CrazyI remember that Christmas morning when my sister opened one of her presents and it was an ant farm. And it was probably one of the best presents that we have ever recieved. it was so much fun to set up the ant farm and watch them living their lives. Ants are like a mini society that is very close to ours. You can buy an ant farm at a near toy store or you can even make your own. Making an ant farm is a lot of fun, easy to make, and inexpensive. Ants are a god pet for children who live in apartments or in a house with limited space. They are perfect for kids who are allergic to dogs and cats. Best of all you don’t have to house train these pets. If you want to build an ant farm of your own then you will need to get these materials: 1 large glass jar (or fish bowl); ants; dirt; and a smaller jar (or tube). Place the smaller jar or tube in the larger glass container. Next, you will need to find an ant pile. Use a shovel to dig enough ants and dirt to fill your jar, within two to three inches from the top. Pack the dirt firmly down in the jar. Capture as many ants as you can including an ant that looks larger or a queen ant that may have wings. You may even scoop up little white eggs and larva. If ants are not available in your area, craft and hobby stores will give you information on where to mail order them. They are usually inexpensive. Ants like to eat bread crumbs, bread dipped in sugar water, or bread with a drop of honey. But don’t feed them too much. And don’t forget to water your new pets by placing a water soaked cotton ball in the jar. There is a chance that the jar could be knocked over so include a top with holes punched in for air supply.Your new ants will immediately become busy working in their new home. Try not to move your jar because it can cave in your ant’s tunnels. Now just sit back and enjoy observing the busy life inside your ant farm. It is an amazing city filled with six legged citizens!


  1. I like your story a lot.
    I like your story a lot. Lots of information about these six legged citizens!! 🙂

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