Burnt Out Light Bulbs!


Orion Pilger writes, This story was already created.

This story was already created. The credit goes to Club Penguin. I liked the story so i put it on this place.It was just another night of fun for me and my buddies. We were hanging out at the secret Ice Rink built for us only. 5 minutes into the game I almost scored a goal. So I’ll start my story there. Just as I was about to score a goal, all the lights in the Ice Rink burned out! The Rink was darker than a solar eclipse on Halloween! Luckily, I had my flashlight. Then, I found one of my buddies with my flashlight. I said, “Boy, I’m glad I found you! Do you know where I could find some new light bulbs?” She answered, “You should check in the lighthouse. And please don’t shine that light in my eyes!” I arrived at the lighthouse very quickly. Inside the lighthouse I found another person. He was loudly pounding away at the drums. I stood on a chair and shouted until he stopped playing. Then I asked him if there were some light bulbs in the lighthouse. He said that the Ski Lodge would have some bulbs. At the Ski Lodge, two kids were playing Find Four on an abandoned suitcase. I again asked if there were some light bulbs in the lodge. One replied to me, ” No we don’t have any light bulbs here. It was attacked. I managed to get into the attic and save myself and my friend. But I saw an alien steal a bag full of bulbs and dash outside with them. You could check the back entrance of the building. It looked like the alien went there.” “Thanks,” I said. I walked around to the back door and opened it. It was as bright as the sun in there! When my eyes finally adjusted to the light, I saw that the alien had made her home in the back of the Ski Lodge!!! I was really scared, but I asked if the alien had any spare light bulbs with her after using lots of lights to light up her “home”. Then, the alien pulled out a large sack of light bulbs and handed it to me. I was so excited! I grabbed the bag and quickly ran back to the Ice Rink. When I got to the pitch black Ice Rink, the bag I was holding started glowing lime green. Then, all of a sudden, six green light bulbs floated out by themselves and lit up the whole rink! After that the whole place was totally green! My buddies celebrated by jumping for joy. Then I remembered where we were in the game. We continued it and by the end I had eight points. I won and had a great day!


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