Frontier Airlines: Never Again!


Charlotte Renken writes, There I am, on board a Frontier flight form NYC to good old Denver.

There I am, on board a Frontier flight form NYC to good old Denver. I’ve had a tough week. I’m not a city girl so except for Broadway and Central park, NYC just doesn’t work for me. I’m two rows behind my mom sitting next to two adults I don’t even know. This I’m not too worried about. The young women to my right seems very nice. As soon as we get on the runway i start to get tense. There’s a huge line of planes in front of us that just doesn’t seem to end. The pilot gets on the speaker. “Folks,” He says “there’s a long line of planes in front of us so we won’t be taking off for a while now. Please keep your seat belts on though” I groan. Although I don’t blame them yet, this type of thing happens all the time. After an hour of reading my book, I notice a quarrel at the front of the plane. It seems that a passenger is getting quiet restless. “I want to get off this plane now!” he yells in his clearly Iranian ascent. For some weird legal thing they have to let him off. A stewardess goes over to the man and calmly says. “Alright sir, we’ll let you off, but please sit down, you’re disturbing the other passengers” the man smirks “Make me” this is a federal offence and they have to pull into the boarding zone and arrest him. And they also have to get his bags out of the belly of the planes. this takes one more hour. everyone on the plane is very upset, saying that the plane service should just mail him his bags. After this whole affair the pilot get on the speaker and says “Folks, I’m sorry for the unconvince, but through all of this we’ve burned an entire tank of fuel and we have to go back and get more” this takes one more hour and Frontier has just melted anougther iceberg in antarctica. Finally, after a three hour delay, we take off. It takes anougther three hours of watching On and Kate plus 8, on the small TV on the plane, we arrive in Denver. It’s midnight and i can barely make it to the baggage claim.After this story i hope you will never even consider flying Frontier again. I sure won’t. Frontier is a eco-destroyer and has poor judgement and nobody should ever ride it again!


  1. I personally love Frontier.
    I personally love Frontier. If you think about it, it’s not their fault that there were planes in front of you. Also, how would they know that a man would cause a disturbance? As far as the bags go, by law they had to give the man his bags back then and there, not mail them to him. After all of that, did you really expect them to have enough gas?

  2. All my experiences with F…
    All my experiences with Frontier Airlines have been great. The line of planes waiting to take off was purely coincidental and neither the crew nor the company’s fault. The company itself is not in control of what passengers fly on their planes and how they behave, so the man you talked about causing a disturbance was out of their hands. Plus, they are not in control of the law, and when someone breaks it while using their facilities, they have no choice but to return to have that person arrested. You clearly are concerned about climate change, as am I, but to say they melted an iceberg in Antarctica is an exaggeration.

  3. I personally havent flown…
    I personally havent flown on frontier but I dont think the airline is to blame, maybe they should of checked the fuel gage, but still anything like this could happen, but anyway I do like your picture!

  4. I agree with everyone els…
    I agree with everyone else i fly with them all of the time and it is great dont blame it on the Frontier blame it on the crazy dude……and the part about the ice berg all lies.. O yea and by the way you have some mistakes.. But you pic is really cool where did you get it???:-)

  5. I agree with the others.
    I agree with the others. Frontier wasn’t to blame for the line of planes or the crazy dude. And as Bailey said, they do have to give the dude the bags right there.

  6. i have never rode frontier…
    i have never rode frontier, but i hear it’s great. you were just at the wrong place at the wrong time that’s it. cool pic though.

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