This Year’s Election


Alan Campbell writes, Has the presidential campaign inspired your life? If so this story is just for you.

Has the presidential campaign inspired your life? If so this story is just for you. The election this year has already inspired more than 300 million people. I believe this campaign is the best so far because it makes history. Hilary Clinton opened the nomination for other women, and Barrack Obama opened the nomination for himself and other African Americans. Plus the Democratic National Convention (DNC) is being held here in Denver, Colorado. There are so many people that have helped to put on this convention and one of the most influential leaders is Leah Daughtry who is in charge of the DNC. She is also a pastor in Washington D.C. She leads faith and action protecting the environment, preventing poverty, and helping to make more affordable health care for people and families. If you want to get involved with the DNC you can talk to your parents or teachers and principle and make a field trip out of it and go to a caucus that are open to the public, or attend on of the 1,500 events held out of the DNC. You can also get involved by volunteering and sign up at, if really interested in volunteering must hurry because jobs are filling up with 22,000 volunteers and only 10,000 jobs. If not credentialed to go in the DNC you can watch it all over Colorado as well as on your TV and computer.With everything going on at least be a part of something. Watch the Democratic National Convention on tv or your computer you could learn something. Remember this is history that we are able to live in and enjoy.Alan CampbellColorado Kids and DNC reporter-Colorado


  1. Great story!
    Great story! It really is an amazing story about how much commitment has been put into the convention. Nice job and keep up the great work!

  2. Wow!
    Wow! From a child’s perspective, you give a lot of information about the Democratic and Republican race this year. I’m interested in it and I guess you are too! Keep up the great work.

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