The search for a furry friend


Davis VanZetten writes, Have you ever adopted a dog?I have and it’s actually quite easy!

Have you ever adopted a dog?I have and it’s actually quite easy!When I adopted my dog,Geogia Anna,my family and I had to make some tough decisions,but in the end, we found the right one.When people adopt dogs, they reduce the population of homeless dogs by one. It all started when i kept on asking my mom and dad to get a dog. One day my Mom finally said we could go and get one! My brother and i were so excited. We went to the Dumb Friends League and looked at all the dogs that were there. We saw so many dogs of all breeds and sizes. But mom said we couldn’t get a large dog because our house was too small. Finally we saw a dog named Georgia Anna. She was medium sized and brown and black with big brown eyes. We also had seen a picture of her on the web site too. After we decided to get a closer look at some of the dogs we went to a room with an adoption counselor and answered a lot of questions. Then we met some dogs. We decided to get Georgia Anna and adopt her because she was living in a large tank and she needed a home as much as we needed a dog. Adopting a dog is easy, fun and you are doing a great thing for a dog that needs a home. Maybe you should think about adopting a dog too. Georgia is fun to play with and walk and my mom says she is very sweet and protective of us. We have had her for ayear and a half now and we love her very much.


  1. i really want a dog.
    i really want a dog. i’ve never had a pet and i tink a dog would be a perfect pal for me. thanks for the info!

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