Jordan Adolph writes, I believe kids should have the right to vote, adults shouldn’t be the only ones!

I believe kids should have the right to vote, adults shouldn’t be the only ones! Kids see the future and know what changes need to be made. You see all the t.v. commercials with children talking about the type of president they want. Not only should we be able to vote for president but we need to have a say on what gets placed in our community. Also, shouldn’t we have the ability to choose who has our country in their hands?Kids care just as much as adults, aren’t we part of America? Or, are we going to have to go through another great crisis on who has the right to vote? Women and men have the right to vote…… why don’t we? Is there any good reason, why? DOES ANYONE CARE ABOUT A KIDS OPINION, or are we not considered not “important”? I hate being labeled “Noneligible Voter”! Shouldn’t we have a say on what goes on in our nation????? Comment with your opinion on voting. Should we be able to vote or will we be labeled “He/She is just a kid they don’t have the right to vote”? COMMENT WITH FREEDOM, J


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    Hi. First of all, I follow the democratic and republican race and I’m extremely interested. Half of me agrees with you, kids have a strong opinion about what president they want elected. And we can, in a way, “see the future”. But also, as a kid, voting has a lot to do with business, changes that we may not be aware about, and others. Myself, I don’t really mind right now about what’s going on with business and other subjects. But for one thing, I like your article about standing up for kids to vote. Good Job!

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