The Dirt on Dirt- Gross, but Interesting!


Davis Anderson writes, Book Rating: BI’m sure you’ve been to the beach, or even your backyard, and played in dirt.

Book Rating: BI’m sure you’ve been to the beach, or even your backyard, and played in dirt. It could be mud, dirt, sand, or whatever. We’ve all done it, and come on, let’s face it, it’s a lot fun! A few days back I was sent the book The Dirt on Dirt by Paulette Bourgeois. After reading it for 5 minutes, I was seriously grossed out, but also very interested. I had never stopped to wonder what I was putting my hands into when I was making a big ol’ glop of mud pie. Turns out, dirt is pretty cool! There’s a lot more to it then I ever thought. Today, I’ll tell you a little bit about this facinating book. You may think it sounds awesome and go buy it the second your down reading it, or you’ll decide that you’re never gonna come near this book. It’s your choice, but I’m still gonna tell you about the book!In this book, you’ll learn about dirt. You’ll learn things such as: its different layers, quicksand, and how it works with nature. Something I thought was kind of funny was the animal section. It talked about mud baths! Come on, admit it, you wanted to (or sitll might) take a mud bath when you were younger! Nothing sounds better then sliding in sticky mud, slowly rubbing it across your colthes and skin. Well, for pigs, this isn’t a dream, it’s part of a daily routine! Every day (or every couple of days) pigs get to roll around in mud. The idea is crazy, getting dirty to get clean. But it does work for pigs! Mud gets off all of the bugs that our on them, and it protects them from the sun. Next time you go to the pool, maybe you can convince your parents to let you use mud instead of sun block!The best part about this book was the fun activities along the way! Every few pages, it told you some fun things to do with dirt! There was one experiment where you got to see for yourself the different layers of dirt. After a few days, you get to see all the hidden forms of dirt. Sneaky, isn’t it? My favorite one was where it taught you how to make a mud pie! Finally! Alright, you probably know that this ins’t an actual mud pie made from mud. This is a fudge cake, and trust me, it tastes a whole lot better then mud! It gives you the recipie and instructions to make you own mud pie!This was a really good book to read in the end. Normally, I wouldn’t just decide to read about dirt, but I’m sure glad I did! It was real interesting learning about it all! You can pick up this book at your local book store, and get the true Dirt on Dirt!


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