Jordan Adolph writes, Just Recently, I went on vacation to Idaho.

Just Recently, I went on vacation to Idaho. I thought it would be fun, to write an article about the amazing experience I had, now I’ll share it with you. We visited the one and only Snake River Falls .It’s a humongous waterfall that has planks surrounding it. As you walk along the planks you view the falls, in all different aspects. You even get close enough to where the water splashes you with a cool mist. It feels especially good on a hot Idaho day. The Falls are so big it was definitely worth stopping and seeing on an90 degree day! Along the beautiful canyon of the Idaho Mountain Range, are pull-outs. These pull-outs are for stopping and looking at the unforgettable scenery. All you see is the miles and miles of everlasting tree line, and big funky shaped rocks, that sometimes look like strange profiles. Anyone afraid of heights better beware, these canyons have steep drop off’s and slippery slopes. Be cautious around here, one slippery rock and you’re sliding down the mountain and are whisked away by the fast Snake River.The current is strong and there are plenty of waterfalls, the Snake River is no cup of tea. When the danger isn’t a factor, beauty is amazing. The water is clear yet in a blue-ish tone.Different area, different colors and wierdly the clearness of the water gets either murkier or clearer! Surrounded by the forest trees, and bulky rocks it just adds to how AMAZING it looks. Thanks for reading my article I hope it leaves you with a “clear” and vivid picture of what I saw. But, since you can’t experience it at this moment, check out my pictures. They are just as cool as the real thing except in a “not-moving” motion! Call for Reservations, J


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