Jordan Adolph writes, We slowly drove up the canyon, patiently waiting to arrive.

We slowly drove up the canyon, patiently waiting to arrive. 3 boring hours later, we get there. We pulled our 2 ATV’s off the trailer and get our gear on. After we were ready my Mom handed me the key. I WAS GOING TO DRIVE. After my Mom went over the basics I turned the key and started the engine. I listened intently to what my Mom said so I would be able to do it with little help. Aparently,I listened well, because I was able to manage my speed, and shift, and steer with little guidance. I slowly drove out of our campsite, anxious for the drive ahead. Once we were out of the campsite boundaries, I sped up. We arrived late so we didn’t have very much time before dusk. I drove at theaverage speed and watched very carefully,because at this time animals ventured out on the road. Many times, I thought I saw deer, but I was mistaken, it was the free range cattle. What’s cool about that area is all the cows. They venture around the area looking for food and grazing in the valleys and plains. When you go up to Gould in summer babies are born, so there are tons of small, frisky babies everywhere. At night, cows cross the road and will most likely follow it. ATV riding at night can be very dangerous because of all the animals crossing. So you have to go an average speed and have your foot near the break in case an urgent stop is needed. Most of the time you are riding the road and the cows are right in the middle of the road,blocking you from going any further. Once you get close enough the cows will flee to the side of the road making a clearing. Sometimes, there are daring cows, who don’t move out of your way but stare at you. The daring cows most of the time ride along side you. Happy Camping, J


  1. It’s amazing that at your…
    It’s amazing that at your age you learned to drive!!! I like your story due to the information about the animals.Isabelle

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